Inspire FAQ's for students


Who are these skills courses for?

For students between the ages of 14-16* who have an interest/passion in STE(A)M, and wonder what it would be like to be an engineer or scientist. *Only applies to students in Years 10/11 and S3/S4 in Scotland.

What will I be doing?

• You will be introduced to Engineering and/ or Science through project work in a small group/teams
• Take part in hands-on STE(A)M projects, lectures and workshops
• Learn how to manage a project, develop research techniques, problem solving and write reports
• Hear about university life from lecturers, admissions tutors and post-grad students
• Meet engineers, scientists, researchers and professionals who'll explain their own achievements
• Learn to be confident and enthusiastic about your next level of study in STEM subjects

•Mix and socialise with like-minded individuals in a first class UK university

How much does it cost?

Inspire courses in 2020 are offered at a subsidised rate of £245 for all residential courses (everything's included - tuition, accommodation, evening activities and meals, but not your travel costs to and from the University, which you must arrange) or £150 for a non-residential course (covers tuition and meals).

How do I apply?

Go on the Inspire homepage, click on the tab 'Inspire course' and then hit the 'Apply now' button.

When is the deadline for applications?

Applications for Inspire courses 2020 will close on March 23rd 2020. Should you experience any issues or questions arising from filling in the application form then please contact the Headstart team via email or telephone 01707 871505.

How and when are offers made?

Early applications are welcomed! EDT will be making offers in JANUARY 2020 to early applicants who satisfy the university specified allocation criteria. Please note therefore this DOES NOT guarantee a place.

Further offers will be made in February and March 2020 and conclude with final offers in April 2020. If you are lucky enough to be offered a place on a course, we'll send you an email with a payment deadline a week thereafter. It is unlikely that you will be offered an alternative course if you decline your offer, so we strongly recommend you take time to consider your decision.

Where will I be staying?

If you have gained a place on a residential Inspire course you will stay in university halls of residence, with an overnight Inspire supervisor taking care of you. Please make sure that you do not make any arrangements to leave during the course period as the universities do not allow this.

Is it possible to attend with a friend?

Yes, due to the age group you are in, we are happy to consider more than one student from the same school applying for the same courses. We know this works well and helps in respect of travel arrangements and can benefit some students who would be more comfortable knowing someone else on the course. We will do our best to accommodate students who would like to attend the same course, all you need to do is let us know on your application or via email that you wish to go on the same course as a friend(s).

Are refunds available if I change my mind?

Please check your diary/calendar for other activities you may have booked and be fully committed to the course BEFORE accepting and paying the fee. Refunds are not available, as stated in the acceptance form and contract.

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