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Virtual Insight into University 2022/23
FAQs (Part 2)

Previously known as Headstart

Important Dates


Live Session Dates                                                           6th July – 25th August*

Graduation Project Deadline                                           Friday 18th August

Platform Closure**                                                           Friday 25th August


*Please note new live sessions will be added to the timetable throughout the course so check regularly

**Once the platform closes you will no longer have access to any materials, so make sure to download anything you wish to keep, especially your course certificate


Platform and Accessibility


What is the URL for the course?


How will I receive my login details?

The student login details will be sent to the email address you provided on the application (also the same email account the original offer email was sent to) a few days before the course start date.


The course has started but I haven’t received my login details. What now?

A few days prior to the course start date, we recommend keeping an eye on your email account (the email will be sent via an automated system) and once you receive the email you will be able to login – we advise you login within 24hours and change your password.

Please add to your email contact list to try and avoid it being directed to your junk/spam folders. If you can’t find your login details on your junk/spam folder, please contact (please note this email address will be monitored Monday – Friday 9am-4pm)


I cannot log in with my email address.

It is probably an incorrect email address, please contact who will update your profile and your details on the platform (please note this email address will be monitored Monday – Friday 9am-4pm).


I’m having problems with initial login.

Please contact who will reset your login details (please note this email address will be monitored Monday – Friday 9am-4pm).


I forgot my password, what now?

You can reset your password by clicking on Forgot your password? here or you can email student recruitment for this to be reset (please note this email address will be monitored Monday – Friday 9am-4pm).



Most of the course content is available to download should you have problems with internet connections (full details of how to do this will be in the introduction of the course).

If you have any specific adjustments you need to make the course accessible to you please contact (please note this email address will be monitored Monday – Friday 9am-4pm) who will be able to discuss this with you.  




How is the course structured?

Your course will be split up into different sections.  These are six modules.  You must complete the Introduction section first.  The other sections can be studied in any order, and you can switch back and forth between the sections to vary your learning.  When all courses are complete your Evaluation section will unlock.  


Virtual Insight into University is a 30-hour course to qualify for the Industrial Cadets Silver Award a breakdown of the approximate time on each section can be seen below. You may wish to spend longer on some sections or attend more than five live sessions.

Section                                                                                        Hours

Subject Areas                                                                              3

Lectures                                                                                      5

Live Sessions                                                                               At least 5 sessions

World of Work                                                                            5

Projects and Activities                                                                6

Graduation Project                                                                     6


*Section times are approximate


The course will be covering topics such as STEM careers, university life and study skills. These will be studied alongside subject specific modules that you can pick and mix to match your own interests: 


  • University Life and Sector Research – guided learning to understand what life at university is like, hints and tips for applying and choosing the right university and course for you, a day in the life of a student videos.

  • STEM subjects available at university – a variety of information about the different STEM subject options that are available at university and how these link to careers.

  • Virtual University and Site Visits - video tours around unis, links to virtual open days, virtual site visits for industry partners or university research facilities.

  • Live sessions – a selection of live sessions to allow you to interact with academics, university admissions tutors, current undergraduates, mentors, young graduates, and industry experts. You can hear information first-hand and ask all of your questions.

  • University Presentations and Activities – taster lectures, on-line tutorials and activities, soft skills advice, and activities.   

  • Hands-on problem solving and critical thinking – practical activities, projects and challenges developed by our university partners. Guided research projects and group work.

  • World of Work – workshops set by STEM industry partners allowing you to experience real-life applications of STEM subjects.

  • Graduation – presentation of programme outcomes and award of an Industrial Cadets Silver award!


Live Sessions

How many live sessions do I have to attend?

The live sessions will run throughout the course, and you will see the timetable on the platform.  You must take part in at least five live sessions to gain your Silver Industrial Cadets Award.


How do I register for the live sessions I’m interested in?

You can sign up to the live sessions on the live session course timetable when you login.  We would encourage you to sign up early to make sure you are able to attend the sessions that most interest you. 


What if I am unable to attend some of the live sessions due to Wi-Fi issues?

All of the live session are recorded; therefore, you are able to watch them after they have taken place and you have an internet connection. The recordings tend to be available a day after they have taken place.


What if I am unable to attend the five sessions needed to complete the course due to other commitments?

Please get in touch with us if this is the case  (please note this email address will be monitored Monday – Friday 9am-4pm).


World of Work

This section allows you to work on a project set by a STEM company. You must upload your project in order to complete the course. This will allow you to see how your university studies can contribute to industry and start to think about potential career paths.


How long will it take for my project to be assessed?

It can take us up to 3 days to assess your project work, although we always try to get it assessed as quickly as possible.


Graduation Project

Here you will explore an area of STEM that is of interest to you in more detail. You will need to do and show your own research outside of the course content. You can then present it in a way of your choosing before submitting the course. More details can be found on the project brief. You are expected to spend 7-8 hours on the project so make sure to allow yourself enough time to complete it.


Why is the project hand in deadline before the end of the course?

The project deadline is set before the close of the course to allow us time to assess your work and to give you time to complete the Evaluation section.


How long will it take for my project to be assessed?

It can take us up to 3 days to assess your project work, although we always try to get it assessed as quickly as possible.


I cannot move on to the next part of course

This could be due to two reasons:

  • Your project needs to be assessed before you can progress further with the next module

  • You haven’t completed all the mandatory sections, make sure you check to see any that haven’t been ticked off




If I don't manage to graduate this time round will there be another opportunity?

You would have to apply and pay for another course to be able to take part again.  Your progress would not be carried over and so you would have to study all of the course content again from the beginning.  We strongly recommend that you try and complete the course on your first attempt.


What if I have more questions?

In the introduction section of the course, you will watch a video which will explain in detail how the course works and answer many of the questions you may have. During the course you can use the messaging facility on the course platform to contact a tutor. If you have any questions or issues that arise during the course, you can also always contact our student support team and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.  Please bear in mind that our support team only work Mon-Fri 9am-4pm so outside of these times you will have to wait for a response.

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