Terms and conditions

Cancellation policy

You are not asked to pay any fee until you have been sent an offer of a place on one of our courses. Please ensure to check your availability before you pay. Because we are a charitable trust, very leanly resourced and not receiving any government funding, once you accept and pay for a course place, we ask that you do attend, and do not cancel off the course and ask for your money back.

Despite being over-subscribed, once offers have been made and the courses are full, we tell unsuccessful students who then go on to make alternative arrangements. In addition, we have strict criteria laid down by Universities so we cannot make an offer to a replacement student. This means it is normally not possible for us to backfill a course, so the place goes unfilled.

To sum up - we don't offer refunds if you change your mind after paying for a course. If you are lucky enough to get an offer, please read it through thoroughly, check the dates for any clashes with exams, and look at the title, location and description of the course. Make sure you are happy before you pay. And finally, if we make you an offer, it's you we want!

Once you have accepted a course place and a payment has been made, this is non refundable. We reserve the right to cancel and change any aspect of a course without notice. Cancelation may result in a suitable alternative being offered, or a full refund.

£10 optional credit card charge 
As you may already be aware, companies are charged when consumers use credit cards to pay for purchases.  Even though we are a charity, these rules do still apply.  So could we please ask that if you are intending to pay for your course using a credit card that, you would first consider using a debit card if possible.  If this isn’t possible we have added an extra product, this is an optional £10 credit card charge.

If you are able we would please kindly ask that you add the Optional Credit Card Charge to your Shopping Cart to help us cover the charges we incur.  We are a charity and do not receive any government funding so your help with lowering these costs would be greatly appreciated.

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