First Edition's 'STEM Family Challenge' Events



Family members are just one of the major influences on a young person’s career pathway. Hosting a STEM Family Challenge event not only provides a unique opportunity for schools and companies to build and enhance relationships with young people and family members’, but also to engage and inspire them by demonstrating how interesting and rewarding a career within Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) is, giving students the confidence to pursue a career they would not have otherwise considered. 

The evening has been designed to show families some of the courses and careers available in STEM as well as give them the opportunity to work in their family teams on a fun ‘hands on’ challenge – for which no prior STEM knowledge is needed. For families that like a bit of healthy competition there will be prizes up for grabs!

STEM Family Challenge are after school events (usually running for 2 hours) suitable for all ages, designed to encourage young people to work with their family through practical hands-on activities, whilst raising awareness of the future careers available in STEM. These special events provide an opportunity for your school to build and enhance relationships with students and family members. By informing families about the benefits of studying STEM, and the opportunities afforded in this area, children and their families are able to make educated choices on study and careers options. Research shows that 92% of families had a better understanding of STEM courses and careers after attending a STEM Family Challenge event. From coding to racing cars, our specially-designed, curriculum-linked activities cover a range of areas designed to inform young people and educating family members about how STEM is fun, interesting and rewarding. 

“The STEM Family Challenge workshop was an excellent way to encourage our parents to join in with their children's learning. All parents were keen to get involved and loved the challenge set. We are excited to run another one! “– Teacher quote

 “The evening was well run, inspirational, challenging and fun.......this type of event is valuable in giving children the wider view of all the options STEM has to offer” - Parent quote


  • Provides an opportunity for parental engagement
  • Industry and further/higher education ambassadors support the event giving families the opportunity to network.
  • Helps build relationships between teachers and parents.
  • Enhance the curriculum, and provide truly memorable learning experiences through stimulating hands-on activities
  • Provide students and families with information about STEM careers and study routes 

Who are STEM Family Challenge events for?
Students, their families and teachers. The events are often supported by industry and further/higher education ambassadors and there will be networking opportunities available.

When do STEM Family Challenge events take place?
Typically the evenings are from 18:00 – 20:00 however this two hour slot can be tailored to suit the needs of the school. Events take place throughout the academic year and timings are flexible to suit the host.

Where do STEM Family Challenge events take place?
They take place at schools, companies, universities, colleges.

How to get involved?
Contact the First Edition team to book your event ( or book an event using our online booking system.