Female Engineer Role Models

Laura Marimon Giovannetti

Sailor and Ship Scientist

Laura Marimon Giovannetti began her sailing adventures at the age of six. Laura holds a first class Masters degree in MEng in Ship Science as well as a doctorate from the Faculty of Engineering and the Environment at the University of Southampton. Read more

Ruth Amos

British entrepreneur and inventor of the StairSteady

Ruth Amos is a British entrepreneur and inventor of the StairSteady. She has won the 2006 Young Engineer of the Year Award in Britain with her idea. Ruth was also Britain's youngest person to be on Management Today's '35 Women under 35', and winner of the Women of the Future 'Young Start' award. Read more 

Professor Denise Bower

Director of the Engineering Project Academy at the University of Leeds

Denise’s career choice was initially motivated by her keen interest in History and Geography which led her onto the path of Civil Engineering, discovering that this area of Engineering was a great way to incorporate her passions into a career. Read more

Sharon Odetunde

Track Quality Engineer at London Underground

Enjoying mathematics at school and its practical application, a career in engineering seemed like the most logical path to take.  Making the decision to pursue engineering resulted in Sharon being able to work with London Underground, giving her the opportunity to use her skills and enthusiasm to keep London moving. Read more

Sian Hill

Civil Engineer at AECOM

Sian Hill was considering a career in banking and investment. It seemed like the most logical progression, and was an industry that she was familiar with. However during school, she was fortunate to gain exposure to engineering and the logical problem solving it involved, which then inspired Sian to start to consider a path into engineering. Read more

Mamta Singhal

Project Quality Engineer at Mattel

Although encouraged by her dad to take on technical subjects during her secondary education, Mamta never thought she would become an engineer. Years later she is now working for one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world, was a finalist for UK Young Women Engineer of the Year in 2007. Read more

Professor Ijeoma Uchegbu

Professor of Pharmaceutical Nanoscience at UCL

Science is so fascinating and never boring.  I learn something new almost every day of my working life as a scientist.  I love gaining new insights into problems and I love going to work in the morning even on a grey drizzly day in late November.  If you want a job that fills you with wonder at every turn and keeps you child-like in your delight at discovery, then science is the profession for you. Read more

Kirtsy Wren

Advanced Manufacturing Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover

Kirstie Wren joined Jaguar Land Rover’s graduate scheme as an Advanced Manufacturing Engineer in September 2014, straight from University, and has already played a key role in the launch of the new Jaguar XE. Read more

Helen Cavill

Process Improvement Manager at M&H Plastics

During a STEM taster course Helen had the opportunity to gain experience through hands-on activities that encouraged her to think more about careers in STEM. Ultimately the experience showed her how varied and interesting engineering is, as well as giving her first-hand experience as part of an engineering project team. Read more

Abbie Hutty

Spacecraft Structures Engineer at Airbus

Abbie Hutty did not have an interest in engineering right from the get go. Although fond of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects such as physics, she shared the common misconception that engineering, “basically meant being a car mechanic or fixing boilers”. Read more

Debora Comparin

Secondee at Aerospace Growth Partnership

Debora Comparin always knew she wanted to be an engineer. As a little girl she sent a letter to Santa Claus every Christmas asking for toy building blocks and electrical gadgets to play with. Her father also has a big influence on her career path as a Production Engineer. Read more

Julianna Moats 

Systems Engineer at WSP Parsons

With the fascination of how superconductors make the Japanese high speed trains levitate, Julianna loves trains and dreams to build an entire UK based  high speed railway! She is also a passionate volunteer for Young Rail Professionals where she conducts many STEM outreach programmes aimed at young people. Read more

Dr Arpinder Bansi

Civil Engineer & Managing Director at Kaur Values Associates

Arpinder Bansi embarked on her exciting career in Civil Engineering over 20 years ago before establishing Kaur Value Associates. She has a strong passion for encouraging more women in engineering and is keen to show how rewarding a career in Engineering can be. Read more