Inspire FAQ's for teachers


Can a student attend more than one course?

Inspire courses: Only in exceptional circumstances when a student withdraws due to illness or a death in family.

Can students from fee paying schools apply?

Yes, EDT welcomes applications from all types of schools and students regardless of background.

How many schools participate/send students on these courses?

Over 700 schools had at least one student attend Inspire and/or Headstart during the summer 2019.

Can schools help with the cost either by part/full funding?

Yes, a number of schools each year contribute in some form to assist their students in realising these wonderful opportunities.

Can more than one student from my school attend an Inspire course?

Yes*, we positively encourage like-minded friends to attend in pairs to avoid any anxiety/apprehension that may prevent them from attending. (*Applied to Inspire only)

Why do courses run during term time?

EDT and its partner universities work extremely hard to provide an extensive programme of courses throughout the summer. Unfortunately, due to constraints of resource, time and halls of residence availability, some courses have to run in late June and early July.

What type of students attend or are suitable for Inspire?

This applies to: - Any student considering ‘A’ levels or BTEC equivalent in a science, maths or technology subject. - Any student who would like to know more about engineering, science and technology and enjoys being creative, innovative, likes solving problems and would like the chance to mix with like-minded individuals.

What if a student has specific medical/dietary requirements?

EDT successfully places students with specific medical/dietary requirements every year. It may mean that we have to contact the school in some cases to ensure we understand each individual’s specific needs so their experience is a successful one!

Can the school do anything to support the student’s application?

Yes, for some students this is quite a stressful and anxious process. Therefore we encourage teachers/careers staff to take an active interest in supporting their students through the application/offer process.

What are the benefits of attending a course?

This is very much down to the individual but for some students it is life changing and confirms their aspiration to pursue their chosen path of study and future career. Others make new friends for life and continue their STE(A)M studies, but maybe change their mind on which undergraduate degree subject/career in engineering, science or technology they will follow in the future. The large majority enjoy the ‘experience’!

If I have further questions who can I contact?

Email or call us on 01707-871505

When do applications close?

Applications for Inspire courses 2020 will close on March 23rd, 2020. Should you experience any issues or questions arising from filling in the application form then please contact the Headstart team via email or telephone 01707 871505.

How much does it cost?

Please refer to the individual course description on our website

Are there bursary (free) places available? and how does it work?

Please refer to the bursaries section of our website on the 'Inspire' page

Do the Inspire courses satisfy many of the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks for best careers provision?

See below:

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