YINI Master Class Workshops

Business Student at work

As part of EDT’s student placement scheme, we are delighted to offer a new Master Class Workshop initiative from September 2017.

The Master Class Workshops will provide our students with the chance to develop their skills across 3 main areas:

Work Ready Skills / Technical Skills / Sector Awareness

The Workshops are delivered by experienced professionals who are keen to share their knowledge & experience with the next generation of engineers, scientists & business leaders.

Workshops will be located in various locations around the UK.


Placed YINI students now have the opportunity to gain Platinum Level accreditation through the Industrial Cadet (IC) programme for the work they complete during their YINI placement. YINI students will complete a competency and skills based logbook and be able to support their own continued professional development even further by attending optional Workshops through the Master Class Series.

IC is an industry led accreditation body, to find out more click here

Maths course provision – new for 2017/18

Students who secure a placement through YINI will have access to a bespoke on-line Maths course provided by the Mathematics in Education and Industry organisation www.mei.org.uk.

The course covers selected topics from A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics relevant to maths and maths-related courses in higher education. The course is designed to enable pre-university YINI participants to consolidate and develop maths skills while they spend a year in industry prior to university entry. The course costs £90 and is only available to students once they have confirmed their placement through YINI.

Master Class Workshops 2017/18

As this is the first year, details are still being finalised. We will update the below to LIVE, once each workshop is open to take bookings. Please click LIVE to take you to the booking page and further information on the Workshop.

Work Ready Skills

Communication & Networking - pending

Introduction to Chartered status and CPD - LIVE

Introduction to Project ManagementLIVE

Leadership & Management  - LIVE

Presentation Skills  LIVE

Technical Skills

Introduction to Composites - pending

Introduction to Industrial Design - pending

Introduction to Intellectual Property - pending

Introduction to Product Design - pending

Sector Awareness

Aerospace Sector - pending

Energy Sector - pending

Offshore Sector - pending

Rail Sector - pending