Volunteer with The Engineering Education Scheme

Volunteer with the EDT!

The EDT relies heavily on the generosity of its Volunteers, who provide their time, support and knowledge to help both our students, teachers and company managers gain the most from the EDT continuum. Support the EDT by becoming a Volunteer Mentor!

There are 3 EDT schemes which call for Volunteer Mentors; Go4SET, Engineering Education Scheme (EES) and The Year in Industry (YINI).

Objectives of The Engineering Education Scheme (EES)

To encourage Year 12 Students, (usually taking Maths and at least one Science at A level,) to follow Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths as a future career pathway. Students develop both their practical skills and theoretical learning through linking with a local company and a company Mentor, to work on a real-life STEM based problem for 6 months from October to Spring.  The students gain employability skills such as team working, communication, presentation and project management skills, as well as experience of  what working as an Engineer is really like.  Personal development realised through work related learning is at the core of this high quality educational enrichment scheme.  www.etrust.org.uk/engineering-education-scheme

Main EES Activities:
• School and company register an interest, EES form the link and make the introductions.
• Schools recruit their own students, often through interviews and letters of application, with input from the company Mentor. The company set the project accordingly.
• Scheme Launch Day (SLD) introduces softer skills and officially begins the scheme.
• Residential Workshop (RD) is a 3 day residential experience at a university allowing the students to work at hands-on activities with state of art facilities and experienced staff.
• Celebration and Assessment Day (CAD) where the students present a company based report, create an exhibition stand and present their work to a panel of Assessors.

Role of the EES Volunteer Advisor:
Aim – to nurture the team throughout the project.  To offer advice and guidance to the students, teachers and company mentors as the ‘invisible glue’ that keeps the project on track.  This could include:
• Supporting the school in interviewing potential students.
• Supporting the company on a suitable project.
• Addressing any obstacles during the project such as communication issues between the school and the company mentor.
• Attending selected weekly meetings to ensure progress and that the project is on track
• Monitoring progress.
• Reminding of approaching deadlines and sharing experience of planning, preparing, report writing etc.

Minimal Commitment: 
• Attending the SLD in October, at least one day at the RW and the CAD.
• Attending one of the early team meetings and another in February to check on progress. Supplementing team meetings with telephone calls / emails to ensure progress. 
• Representing the EES as the main point of content so should be available at any reasonable time if urgent help or advice is needed (rarely required!).

Advisors will be supported by EES staff throughout and training, with all relevant materials will be provided. Advisors will need access to the internet for emails and be willing to share contact details with both the EES and the team they are supporting.  Reasonable travel expenses are paid.

For additional information, please contact:
Chris Ward Email: c.ward@etrust.org.uk