EDT providing benefits for Universities

EDT works with over 40 universities throughout the UK and this reaps benefits for all parties involved.

The EDT events held at Universities include First Edition (hands-on STEM days), Engineering Education Scheme (England & Scotland), Routes into STEM (3 day course - 1 day at a college, 1 day at a university and 1 day at a company), Inspire - 3 day course for girls at university and Headstart (university taster course).  Students get an insight into university life, talks with university students and staff as well as the opportunity to work on projects at the university. We also work closely with University Admission Departments to promote The Year in Industry to their undergraduates students to provide a paid, structured sandwich placement.

Universities benefit from involvement with EDT programmes as they provide the opportunity to promote Universities and courses to prospective students, develop pre and postgraduates’ skills, assist with Widening Participation and government targets and develop strategic links with EDT, other STEM organisations and schools/colleges.

First Edition for 11-16 yr olds: more info...

A number of Universities across the UK have been working together with EDT through the First Edition programme to encourage students from under-represented groups; including girls, ethnic minorities and first in family to go into higher education to help inspire them to consider courses and careers in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

These activities have involved the students in designing, building and testing various projects which include shelters suitable for refugee camps; testing gliders in a wind tunnel; programming and building of robots, analysing sand in order to build the strongest sandcastle; constructing towers with the aim of earning as much profit as possible; making sustainable soap and investigating the future of fuel plus many more.

A university can benefit through the First Edition programme as it provides the opportunity to develop pre and postgraduates’ skills, meet with Government requirements and cultural targets set to encourage wider participation, promote and raise awareness of the university to the local community and to develop links with other well established STEM organisations who are closely associated with EDT.


Routes into STEM (14-15 yr olds) – more info...

Routes into STEM experience course takes place at over 3 days which includes 1 day at a college, 1 day at a university and 1 day at a company.  Routes into STEM courses for Year 10/S3 let students know possible routes they can take for a STEM career.
To view all the courses Routes into STEM has to offer please click here


Inspire (15-16 yr old girls) – more info...

Inspire STEM experience courses takes place at over 12 of the top universities in the country; such as Queen Mary London , Southampton and Bristol, and are run by inspirational leaders. Inspire courses for Year 11/S4 help girls learn new skills and get ahead in sixth form.
To view all the courses Inspire has to offer please click here

Headstart (16-17 yr olds) – more info...

Headstart STEM experience courses takes place at over 25 of the top universities in the country; such as Cambridge, Southampton and Bristol, and are run by inspirational leaders. Headstart courses for Year 12/S5 are divided into 2 categories; Broad Based Engineering courses that cover a range of engineering subjects and Specialist courses, which focus on 1 or 2 subjects such as Maths, Physics or a particular strand of Engineering.

Activities on the Broad Based Engineering courses often include:
• Lectures and informal discussions 
• Tours with a scientific bias 
• Hands-on practical sessions 
• Admissions information 
• Examples of innovation and enterprise – commercial spin-off companies from academic research
• Team projects
To view all the courses Headstart has to offer please click here

The Engineering Education Scheme (England & Scotland) (16-17 yr olds) – more info...

The Engineering Education Scheme (England & Scotland) runs University residential courses throughout the UK in December/January. The workshops provide the EES teams with 3 days working on their projects with the University technical team and their company mentor. 1300 students take part in the EES each year.

The Year in Industry (YINI) – (pre-universities and undergraduates) - more info...

We work closely with university admissions departments across the UK to help find work placements in STEM. Read what Universities have to say about YINI;

The University of Nottingham
“We have worked with the Year in Industry for many years and recommend them to students considering a gap year. The Year in Industry have extensive contacts with many companies, both large and small throughout the UK, and they can assist you to find the right placement, and to support you whilst you are there and help you get the most out of it”. 
Steve Pickering – Senior Admissions Tutor, Mechanical Engineering, The University of Nottingham.

University of Cambridge

“The Year in Industry is a gap year programme that the Department of Engineering is very happy to endorse. It is a straightforward one-year placement which provides additional skills training. A large number of Engineering students have graduated through this scheme. 70% of the participants go on to get a First Class or Upper Second Degree”.
Geoff Parks - Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Strathclyde University

“As a University Careers Adviser I have to say that I have been very impressed with the YINI programme over the years. The quality of experience gained, the transferable and technical skills that have been developed, the management certificate etc. have contributed significantly to students' experience on joining engineering degree programmes”.

Alan Robertson - Careers Advisor, Strathclyde University 

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