Sustainable Power Engineering at Lancaster

Sustainable Power Engineering at Lancaster

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The World is facing an energy crisis.  By 2030, our global power demand will have increased by 60%, but with the Earth's natural resources running out, where will we source this from?  With rising demand and diminishing supply, we need to look to alternative methods of generating sustainable power such as wind, tidal and nuclear.

What is it all about?

This Headstart course will educate students on the generation of sustainable energy by addressing why sustainability is becoming increasingly important, and exploring the different methods of energy generation.  Focusing on wind and tidal stream power, as well as nuclear and chemical engineering, interactive lectures will introduce ways in which sustainable power can be generated whilst considering the advantages, disadvantages, practicalities and issues that engineers face in this field.  A practical sustainable engineering challenge will test your problem solving and team-working skills whilst a visit to a local nuclear power station and wind farm will demonstrate the practicalities and scale of meeting our energy needs.

What will I be doing?

The course will involve a mix of:
• Hands on projects – In small teams, using 3D CAD applications and additive manufacture you will have the opportunity design, build and test your own wind or tidal stream turbine in our wind tunnel and wave tank.
• Exciting lectures from leading researchers and industry specialists in this dynamic topic
• Field trips to view real-life applications of sustainable engineering
• Experience of life as an undergraduate student at Lancaster University
• A programme of evening social activities

Would this course suit me?

This course will suit you if you have a general scientific and maths background and an interest in the sustainability issues faced by the world today.  The UK needs 50,000 new engineers by 2034 to generate creative and innovative ideas and new technologies to produce sustainable power.  If you are considering studying Engineering at University, this course will provide an introduction to the exciting and expanding topic of Sustainable Engineering.

Course code: 
Course dates: 
Sunday, July 8, 2018 - 14:00 to Thursday, July 12, 2018 - 16:00
(4 nights residential) Please note these are provisional dates only. To be confirmed.