Jonathan Hodges

YINI Placement Company
Shell Global Solutions

Studies Computer Science at the University of Manchester.

Automate Document Management System

Jonathan developed a tool to automatically index, backup and migrate fi les from Shell’s old document management system to their new Microsoft SharePoint service. He began by undertaking extensive research and design work to understand the existing system and how he could extract the data he needed. Jonathan engaged with and consulted potential users in order to tailor the tool to their needs and provide an easy, intuitive interface for the user. Creatively, he was able to identify and fi x bottlenecks in performance, ensuring failure scenarios were addressed.

Once the tool was complete, Jonathan gained interest in the product and worked to convince others of its practicality, scalability and trustworthiness. His adaptability allowed him to actively engage with users through various mediums including performing trails runs, demonstrations and presentations – both face to face and in online conferences.


Jonathan’s tool performed well and assisted the index, migration and backup of hundreds of thousands of important documents containing intellectual property worth millions to Shell. When rolled out to the 250 staff in the department, Shell estimates a man year saving worth £250,000.

“Jonny has gained the enthusiastic support of the manager leading this for our population of 250 staff globally. He has had to work within the heavily regulated IT system of a major multinational, learning protocols and procedures not required by his university work. He has engaged with senior scientists in the UK and USA and overcome the initial reluctance to participate by addressing the technical challenges from users quickly, thus achieving the twin benefi ts of continued engagement and increasing trust in his technical competence. Additionally, he has been the “go to” person for running queries in several of my team’s databases.”

Trevor Gaunlett, Technology Manager, Shell Global Solutions

Date published: 
September 25, 2014