Joanne Bailey

Joanne Bailey

YINI Placement Company
Centrica plc

Studies Chemical Engineering at Swansea University

Produce Safety Software Training Tools 

The objective of Joanne’s project was to develop user-training tools for a set of specialist safety software, furthering the risk control and assurance process at Centrica. From the pilot to the final stages of the project, Joanne assisted the project team by undertaking, for example, site inspections to identify additional safety concerns and carrying out tests to the system’s functionality. Based on her own research, she produced tutorial videos relating to those areas of the software which required the greatest level of training.  

Prior to the completion of her project, Joanne worked hard to ensure the products she had produced were user-friendly and of a high standard. By pro-actively seeking colleagues’ feedback and design reviews she was able to further tailor the manual and tutorial videos to the needs of the business.



The training tools developed by Joanne will be used to facilitate the successful roll-out of dedicated safety software, designed to highlight critical safety barriers and prevent accidents such as explosions or fires, across Centrica’s upstream businesses. In this way, the project will aid risk control at the company by reducing both human and mechanical root causes in process safety accidents.

“Joanne has had a strong year and is making the most of her time with Centrica: she is a popular team member who brings a positive and happy atmosphere to the team. Eager to help and support others beyond what is required of her, Jo is organised and juggles many deadlines. Her willingness and ability are reflected in the feedback received from co-workers and managers who have requested her help on a wide range of projects. Joanne continually works well with minimal support, always maintaining a positive attitude. I have increasingly been able to lean on her to help complete projects”.

Will Teale, Group Environment Reporting Manager, Centrica


Date published: 
September 14, 2015