Jemima Davies

Jemima Davies

YINI Placement Company
Procter & Gamble 

Going on to study Chemistry and Physics at the University of St Andrews

Investigate Toothbrush Cleaning Efficacy 

Several of Jemima’s projects pertain to the assessment of new dentifrice abrasive prototypes. Specifically, the work here aimed to develop a simple, rapid screening method to assess the abrasion potential of such prototype materials – essential to ensure that designs are not progressed that could harm dental tissues during brushing.

Initially, Jemima researched materials with similar hardness as dentin, adapting a test rig to simulate consumer use and assess potential for dentin abrasion. She researched roughness parameters output by a roughness tester, identifying those relevant for determining the amount of material removed. Beyond this, she recommended a profilometer approach to generate more comprehensive data and took responsibility for installation, commissioning and training of this instrument.

In this way, Jemima was able to demonstrate proof of principle that a simple bench scale method can be used to assess abrasion risk of potential dentifrice abrasives.



Procter & Gamble are currently using Jemima’s method to screen multiple new abrasives before they progress to full testing, reducing the costs associated with external testing. In 2015 alone, the company will screen 20-30 different materials, leading to a $10,000 - $15,000 saving on external testing.  

“Jemima has worked at our Newcastle Innovation Centre since September 2014, on a large range of upstream project ideas. With hard work and imagination, Jemima has handled multiple priorities concurrently and moved with agility from one project to the next. The early results of the project Jemima worked on are extremely encouraging. Such a screening method is very valuable as a cost-saving tool for external testing, but the real value comes from the potential discoveries that such fast-cycle learning enables”.

Michael Groombridge, Line Manager, Procter & Gamble

Date published: 
September 14, 2015