Jacob Diffey

YINI Placement Company
UTC Aerospace Systems

Studies Aerospace Systems Engineering at Coventry University

Develop Automated Processing Tool

Jacob was tasked to streamline the processing of thermal test results in the engineering department by creating a program within Microsoft Excel to automatically process the results using macros. He began by taking steps to fully understand the process; reviewing how others processed the results, in order to recognise standard practice, and analysing data against a baseline used by the company to ensure quality. In order to make his product user friendly, Jacob created a front end Graphic User Interface which would display the results clearly, allowing the user to determine whether the test was acceptable. 

Once automated, Jacob looked at other ways to improve the process. He added a function to automatically plot previous tests relating to the same part on a graph to see how they had trended from the baseline curve; thus providing engineers with more evidence to validate their decisions.


Jacob’s program has reduced the time taken to process results from 30 minutes to 30 seconds, enabling UTC Aerospace Systems to give immediate feedback to their supplier and speed up production. This program has enabled signifi cant time savings for engineers within the thermal department, approximately 5 hours a week, which equates to an annual cost saving of £13,500. 

“Jacob has been an asset to the HS Marston team and has helped deliver a number of continuous improvement initiatives throughout the year. Jacob’s automated processing tool has provided signifi cant productivity savings and has now been fully embedded into the standard work of the organisation. To complement the new tool, Jacob conducted training courses to users across the site, demonstrating excellent communication skills. He presented the new tool to a large audience of management including senior executives who were very impressed with his professionalism and contribution to the business.”

Gareth Bates, Engineering Manager, UTC Aerospace Systems

Date published: 
September 25, 2014