George Simpson

George Simpson

YINI Placement Company
Chemring Countermeasures Ltd 

Going on to study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield

Improve Efficiency of Chaff Production Facility 

George produced a report to highlight the inefficiencies of the chaff production facility at Chemring, with the aim of reducing waste glass production and enhancing risk management. Through the analysis of process data, George determined that 37% of glass used in the production of chaff was wasted. Alongside providing conceptual ideas on how to improve safety and quality, his final report also outlined possible solutions to the waste production problem and associated cost savings.

From proposing preliminary designs to researching manufacturing partners, George was able to orchestrate a number of meetings between suppliers and designers, culminating in the successful arrangement of a development contract.



When implemented, automation is expected to increase productivity from 60% to 85%, generating yearly savings of £250,000 from running costs and waste reduction alone. Further, the automation of a formerly potentially hazardous process – in which operators were in close proximity with molten glass strands – removes the operator from potential harm.

“This project in our AlGlass Manufacturing facility was very challenging and George is doing an excellent job to drive through the proposals by gaining approval and support from the operators involved in the process, his engineering peers and senior management. The project will have a lasting and significant contribution to our business performance resulting in a valuable contribution to profit but, more importantly, a vast improvement in safety. George has achieved this by immersing himself in the team, taking a confident and constructive approach to new situations and discovering he has the tenacity to deliver a result”.

Trevor Creese, Principal Engineer, Chemring Countermeasures Ltd. 



Date published: 
September 14, 2015