Euan Marshall

Euan Marshall
Euan Marshall

Euan was given the task of identifying the most efficient method of performing a material identification (PMI) operation conducted at Rolls-Royce Inchinnan.

Positive Material Identification Project

The existing PMI operation was slow, with opportunities for material quality escapes to occur due to risks associated with equipment and part traceability.

Initially Euan conducted a business case analysis of the operation to accurately calculate process cost. Through proficient engagement with internal customers in the Laboratory and the Forge, he was able to identify areas of best practice and potential process failures within with the PMI operation.

Once cost and process improvements had been identified, Euan focussed on the development of a long-term automated PMI solution, working closely with the Rolls-Royce Global Process Owner for Automation to create cell layouts and process flow diagrams

Euan was able to co-ordinate the design, development and installation of new PMI equipment that will significantly reduce the short-term risk of a costly material quality escape due to enhanced ergonomic operation and improved part traceability. He also was able to deliver a long-term PMI proposal for an automated material identification and part marking system that can reduce combined operation time by 33%. This decreased process time will allow for labour to be redeployed within other areas of the factory at a cost saving of £192,000 per year.

“As a result of Euan’s performance, we will deliver a significant reduction in the combined process time to carry out a robust and controlled PMI operation.  His strengths reflect a maturity beyond his years and he has been an outstanding Year in Industry student, this will clearly stand him in good stead as he embarks on what will undoubtedly be a successful career in engineering.”
Iain McLarnon, Capability Acquisition Manager CEng. MIMechE., Rolls-Royce

“Euan clearly demonstrated that he had managed all stages of a project to improve a manufacturing efficiency issue associated with the Positive Material Identification (PMI) of components.  The judging panel concur with the comments made by his manager at Rolls-Royce plc that his performance and observed strengths to date reflect a maturity beyond his years and that he has had an outstanding Year in Industry”.  
Peter Glennie, Technical Staff Trainee Programme Manager, SSE and Regional Judges Panel