Edward Blissitt

Edward Blissitt

YINI Placement Company
Delphi Diesel Systems Ltd. 

Going on to study Mechanical Engineering at Robert Gordon University

Commission Pumping Injector Test Rig 

The objective of Edward’s project, to commission Delphi Diesel’s first four-headed Euro 6 regulation pumping injector test rig, was to ensure each rig accurately tested each injector in a manner safe for operational use and full scale production. To achieve this, Edward designed new concepts in Solidworks, creating modified test plans to improve pass rates and ergonomics, as well as producing trainings packs in order to pass the machine to operations.

Reacting to the discovery that injectors were seizing on the test rig, Edward researched the problem and found its cause. By modifying the current test plan, he was able to dramatically reduce the seizure rate, and thereby improve the running of the test rig.


Edward was able to reduce the injector seizure rate from 0.58%, to 0.05% - an improvement of over 90% with a saving of £4,347 a month at current production volumes. Moreover, by increasing the pass rate from 83% to 99.6%, the quantity of parts going through the rework process has reduced to the labour cost equivalent of £13,944 per month.

“Ed’s report is an invaluable project for us with a ten year legacy. He dramatically improved the uptime and first time quality, as well as improving the ergonomics of the machine – changing it from a difficult machine with potential industrial issues to a comfortable machine with high output. Ed is impressively conscientious, prepared to work into the evening when the machine has had reliability issues and taking full responsibility. Integrating fully into the team, he has developed great communication skills, dealing regularly with members of the senior management team, as well as engineers across the full range of experiences”.

Andrew Tebbs, Principal Engineer, Delphi Diesel Systems Ltd. 


Date published: 
September 14, 2015