Daniel Phillips

Daniel Phillips
Daniel Phillips

Creating a visual trending tool

During his placement, Daniel identified a need for a tool to assist staff in recognising, analysing and storing trend information. He set about developing Project TREND: a characteristic searching tool and database of device characteristics that provides clear technical information for dstl and its stakeholders.

Having taught himself HTML coding, Daniel created a user interface and website that linked to his database. He also devised a standard operating procedures and a training course. Daniel then had the task of convincing his initially sceptical team that Project TREND would be of benefit. To do so he gave presentations and one-to-one training until staff were satisfied the project was viable. In recent weeks he has had to change the data storage format from PowerPoint to Access, a program he has had limited experience with. He has been undertaking further self-study to learn about Visual Basic programming in order to make the project more accessible.

Project TREND has been a great success. Daniel’s team has commended the tool as it makes characteristic trend searching easier and more accurate.
Daniel also recommended the project to dstl’s analytical team, who use the tool to aid them in their research. It is recognised that prior to Daniel’s project, there was no definitive trend recording system and as such links had been missed.

“This project is just one of a number of initiatives initiated by Daniel and his contribution to the ongoing development of our capability has been most successful”.
Emma Torbitt-McNay, TAT Team Leader, dstl

“Daniel’s confident and expressive delivery explained how he has driven change into the business and why it was important to him to be an outstanding person to work with. He explained his case exceptionally well and convinced the judging panel of his worthiness of a place in the finals”.
Jim Davison, Regional Chair of Judges, EEF