Ciaran McEvoy

Ciaran McEvoy
Ciaran McEvoy

Panel Ejection System

Ciarán’s duties included the design and implementation of a bespoke operator-friendly tool shelf; the analysis of a significant work process, identification of a major synchronisation problem and the design and delivery of a cost saving and efficient solution – Panel Ejection System.


The system Ciarán developed virtually automated the transition of the side panel assembly onto the next stage. The overall time taken at this step was greatly reduced, as he entirely removed a bottleneck and subsequent downtime. The process itself was simplified and made more manageable for the operators and the transition is now a smooth, single movement, assisted by a roller table assembly and lifting mechanism that Ciarán designed and introduced. The net result of this work was a reduction by a third of a critical stage in building the Luton van. Projected net profit gain of £210,000.

“Ciarán did exceptionally well to achieve such a successful outcome while working with experienced and mature engineers. His tact and good humour enabled him to see the project through from design to final delivery of the system and a successful implementation involving all the panel assembly operators.”

Jeremy Gallen, Engineering Director

Date published: 
July 11, 2013