Chris Lehrter

Chris Lehrter
Chris Lehrter

Chris was tasked with investigating why the components inside F2p injectors were being pushed apart from each other under high pressure.

Investigating injector failure

Having identified that the capnut – the outer case of the injector – was a likely cause of the issue, Chris set about investigating how it was affected during failure mode.  Chris planned tests, organising the manufacture and procurement of the parts he required, and undertook them using high precision equipment to measure damage sustained by the capnut and the injector body. To ensure measurements were consistently accurate, Chris devised a new method using a white light interferometer to monitor changes in capnut length.

Chris discovered two issues that were factors in the injector component separation.  His findings will be used to implement new procedures and will help maximise the injector robustness in operation.

Chris’ project has been extremely useful to Delphi Diesel Systems as it addressed a critical and confidential issue with a leading product that was visible to the customer.  The problem can now be resolved before the launch of the injectors into production.

“Chris has been a valuable employee and has made significant contributions.  He has been a credit to the scheme and should be commended”. 
Stephen Crossley, Engineering Manager, Delphi Diesel Systems

“The judges were unanimous in their view that the project Chris delivered during his year in industry experience has some very impressive technical elements. Chris is a motivated candidate and worthy of a place in the national finals”.
Jim Davison, Regional Chair of Judges, EEF

Date published: 
January 14, 2013