Charlie Hardstone

Charlie Hardstone
Charlie Hardstone

Advanced Blade Casting Manufacture

Charlie was tasked to prove the method of manufacture for the Advanced Blade Casting Facility, a state of the art new foundry currently under construction. The facility will contain multiple world first processes; Charlie had to ensure that these processes would accurately and reliably produce the required turbine components....He also had to show that all parts for the facility can be produced with the same method so costly additional tooling and equipment would not be required.


Charlie proved that the method of manufacture for the new facility is fit for purpose and that all parts can be produced to the same method. Proving the method is a key milestone for the project team and significantly reduces overall risk. 
Testing of the use of advanced measurement technology to improve thermal gradients is on-going on the Trent XWB High Pressure Blade. Currently a significant number of these parts are scrapped due to a defect relating to thermal gradient control. Charlie’s current target is to significantly reduce this to 5% of parts using the new method. It is projected that this reduction would save the company six figures annually on a single part type and will be applied to all seven parts once the new facility is operational,  and will be rolled out to existing rolls Royce facilities.

“ I have been deeply impressed by the initiative and engineering insight Charlie has shown as well as his drive for results in progressing this [project] in parallel to his ‘day job’. His YINI placement had made a valuable contribution to the team and has encouraged our and other teams to pursue additional YINIs [YINI Placements] in the future.”

Rob Worthington, Advanced Blade Casting Facility’s Manufacturing Engineering Manager

Date published: 
July 9, 2013