Charles Jones

Charles Jones
Charles Jones

Innovating manufacture cost savings

Home County: Derbyshire

Going on to study MEng Aerospace Engineering at the University of Sheffield

At Rolls-Royce, Charles was tasked with reducing the cost of manufacturing combustor walls.  His focus was to minimise the cost of consumables when using Electro Discharge Machining (EDM) to cut cooling holes.  
Nose Guide tools used in EDM are costly and prone to wear and damage. Charles quantified the costs of the tooling to the business, and embarked on implementing an alternative manufacturing process for the tools.  In the development of the tools, Charles had to engage with operations, the manufacturing laboratory and suppliers, to ensure that the solution was delivered in a timely fashion to meet the Business needs.
Charles organised and executed the testing of the new Nose Guide tools.  His analysis found that debris generated during the drilling process was causing problems, so he improved the design of the tool geometry, including cut away sections that allowed debris to escape. 

Charles’ optimised Nose Guides operate at the same speed and durability as the old design, but are considerably less expensive to produce: resulting in a 97.5% reduction in unit cost.  The reduced production, scrap and rework costs brought about by his design are significant and will save the company over £150,000 per year.

“Charles has been successful in delivering his programmes. He has integrated well into the team and is well-respected for his achievements and enthusiasm”.
Dr James Foden, Manufacturing Capability Acquisition Group Leader, Rolls-Royce

Date published: 
August 30, 2011