Andrew Savvides

YINI Placement Company
Rolls-Royce plc

Going on to study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield.

Develop In-Cycle Probing Process

As project manager, Andrew led a scheme to reduce the cycle time of inspection by developing a process for on-machine verifi cation. Firstly, he researched the viability of the project by analysing historic part data and calculated a business case for the work. Andrew successfully achieved buy-in from local management by pitching his business case, with its strong savings benefi ts, to senior managers and the cost reduction team. He was able to negotiate the full fi nancing of his project. 

Communication also played an important role in Andrew’s project. He was responsible for networking with key stakeholders to satisfy their various needs and helped agree a compromise where stakeholders’ preferences confl icted. Andrew also worked with a University specialising in metrology to design and optimise an artefact.


The system will give process owners greater understanding and real-time condition monitoring of the machines. The resulting cycle time improvement provides for an annual saving of £160,000. Further, Andrew’s work has allowed the business to develop a process on which they can roll out the new system to other machine tools which will result in a saving of £3.5 million by 2022.

“Andrew has made a real contribution to our business; his incredible fl exibility helped him to adapt very quickly to the dynamic environment. He rapidly gained our confi dence and developed himself in such a way that we were confi dent to give him one of our major cost reduction projects with the role of Project Manager. It was a very diffi cult project with many technical challenges; however Andrew’s fl exibility allowed him to quickly switch tactics if the customer changed their mind about something at the last minute. From a manager’s perspective, the project has allowed us to save a signifi cant amount through the cycle time improvement.”

Iulian Marinescu, Measurement Excellence Process owner, Rolls-Royce plc

Date published: 
September 25, 2014