Ana Groom

Ana Groom

YINI Placement Company
Rolls-Royce plc

Going on to study Engineering at University of Cambridge

Develop Offline Robot Programming 

From start to finish, Ana led the development of new capability to program Shot Peen robots at Rolls-Royce in-house, removing company dependency on high cost supplier support. This project encompassed building program history into the corporate database alongside reducing programming time to a significant degree. In order to complete the project, without previous programming experience or computer modelling experience, Ana became proficient in NX CAD and Siemens ‘PSR’ software packages.

In this way, Ana was able to design different programming methods to test and ascertain the most suitable method for creating Shot Peen programs offline. It is particularly impressive that, as the first person in the Supply Chain working on this Process (Multi Robot Shot Peen Programming), Ana was able to proactively seek solutions by herself.


Ana has delivered ‘game changing’ processes to be implemented across Roll-Royce, with reduced programming lead times providing an 80% increase in machine availability for production. Further, total savings include £8000 per part in programming costs and 50 machine hours, alongside providing more accurate and better controlled programmes.

“Ana’s project has been of significant and strategic importance, providing a competitive advantage for Rolls-Royce as a company and the UK as a major aerospace exporter. The project represents a major leap forward in terms of robot programming capability. As a helpful and knowledgeable member of the community, Ana has become one of three technical experts in this area. Many colleagues often mistake her for a fully trained Manufacturing Engineer! Her legacy within Rolls-Royce will stand throughout and beyond her time at University: the knowledge she has created and shared will change the way we program robots forever”.

Dominic Thornton-Flowers, Chief of Manufacture Systems, Rolls-Royce plc.


Date published: 
September 18, 2015