Amaru Araya-Williams

Amaru Araya-Williams
Amaru Araya-Williams

Develop Anti-Reflection Technology Amaru was tasked to investigate the possibility of entering a new market area for the company by developing new anti-reflection coating technology using the Motheye effect.

He started by understanding what Motheye is and how it is different to the current incumbent technology.  He then experimentally investigated what the effect was of changing different process variables and had to interpret his data in a way that showed any improvements, and present it in a brief and informative manner to colleagues.

Amaru also took the initiative of getting himself involved with developing business for the company in this area by conducting in depth market and technology research.  This research led to the team knowing much more about Motheye than before, and developing recently made samples helped their credibility.

Amaru helped to develop a process that replicates Motheye onto any choice of substrate.  It has been shown to be able to reduce the reflectivity of glass by as much as 95%.  TTP can now approach prospective clients with samples and Amaru has contributed to TTP selling projects worth over £100k.

“Amaru has made a significant contribution to the early stages of technology development at TTP with his Motheye work and also in a number of other areas. These activities are important to TTP as they help to provide proof of principle and build confidence in new technologies to the point where TTP can establish larger programmes with commercial development partners. During his time at TTP, Amaru has gained experience in a wide variety of laboratory activities and is increasingly able to act independently in his work. He has also provided valuable desk-based support to research new markets and technologies being explored at TTP”.

Justin Buckland, Consultant, The Technology Partnership plc