Adrian Schmeider

Adrian Schmeider
Adrian Schmeider

Adrian was tasked with the design and implementation of new manufacturing and assembly work centres to enable Ingimex’s business objectives. The one objective was to develop a process to enable the integration of box van kit manufacture into the finished vehicle assembly cycle by meeting the vehicle assembly takt time.

To enable panel assembly Adrian developed an assembly table with a pneumatically powered tilting top. To reduce 
panel assembly time he also developed a separate work centre for component drilling along with the design and manufacture of relevant jigs and templates.

Adrian’s project has been a huge success and greatly beneficial to Ingimex. Output will increase from 15 to 
30 vans per week and the integration of panel and vehicle assembly will produce a cost saving of £800 per 
box van, creating a yearly cost saving of £1 million. Lead time will be reduced from 11 weeks to 1 week whilst 
enabling Ingimex to widen its product portfolio.

“Adrian’s contribution was not limited to this process step, he has also created a new work centre 
to remove metal cutting operations from the assembly line. Throughout his time with us he has 
demonstrated a tremendously high level of initiative and enthusiasm, we feel this has been a key 
factor in his success on this project.”
JM Gallen, Engineering Director, 

Date published: 
January 10, 2013