Routes into STEM Teachers

Our vision is to make life easier for the creaters of our future leaders.  We love to support our teachers, educators and those who are invested in children in the education of our next generation Scientists, Engineers and Tech Start Ups.




There are many ways we can work together (see below), but we also have an open mind, so get in contact with us and let's discuss how we can collaborate to grow UK's STEM talent pipeline. 

So far, thanks to our current 69 Partners who have supported the growth of Routes into STEM, we have helped guide 890 students to make informed decisions about their futures.  With your support our aim is to help and encourage many, many more!!



Working Together For Your Student’s Development

Routes into STEM provides your students with an opportunity to taste college, university and the working world. Giving them an opportunity to see firsthand just where studying Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths can take them.

We can work with your school during term time or inspire your students over half term for more information please visit the links below.





Working Together For Your Self Development

Routes into STEM gives you an opportunity to connect with professionals from a local college, university and STEM company. Our carefully selected experts are keen to share their knowledge of the current and future STEM job market, degrees, courses & career pathways. This increased knowledge and understanding will help you to support your students as they seek the best career pathways for them.