Routes into STEM Application Introduction

If you are a student who loves science, technology and maths (STEM) subjects and you're in Year 10, you're probably wondering what route you might want to take to help you into a STEM career. A Routes into STEM course could help you make decide.

The boring (but essential!) bits:

Before you start your application, you need to ensure you have your school contact details and the name and email of your teacher* so that you are ready to enter it onto this online application. We must have your teacher's details as we will let them know that you've applied and we may contact them to confirm your suitability for a course - you won't be able to complete your application if you don't add this information.  You may be able to find your school and teacher's details on your school's website, or you will need to ask your teacher to give you the information so you can type it in here. 

*Please note, the course is fully supervised by EDT and no teacher attendance is required.


If your application is successful we will make an offer of a place to you approximately 2 weeks before the course, sent by email to the email address you give us - so you MUST give us a valid email address.

You need to tell us:

  • Your teacher's name
  • The name of your school
  • The phone number of the school where we can reach your teacher
  • Your teacher's email address (please make sure that you check all spellings)

Other important stuff:

Please do go through your application with whoever is taking care of you – in many cases this is probably your parents and if we make an offer to you, they will need to pay for you to go on the course (if applicable).

We need two different mobile telephone numbers for your two emergency contacts. These people (aged over 18 years), must be based in the UK for the duration of the course, so that we can contact them in an emergency situation.

Remember to tell us about any medical conditions or dietary requirements, but please don't worry – this will not prejudice your application in any way. We simply need to make sure that we have everything in place for you to have a successful and happy experience at a course, if you are lucky enough to gain a place.

If financial hardship would prevent you from accepting a place, for example you may be living with a guardian, or your household income may be less than £25,000, you may be able to get Pupil Premium funding from your school, so it's worth approaching your teacher (or asking your parent or guardian to do so) to ask about this. If your school are unable to offer any financial support, we may be able to support you through our bursary scheme. Once you have completed your application online please download the bursary application form from our website click here and send it to us with supporting evidence so that we can consider you for financial assistance. We MUST receive your bursary application within 5 days of your online application.  Alternatively, if you believe you are a Pupil Premium student, please ask your teacher to email us to confirm this and, should you be offered a place on a course, we will offer you a full bursary or come to an agreement with your school.

We know that making an informed career decision can be a difficult and complex task, and we have worked with the venues you would be attending so that the best experience can be offered to you. Because we are a charitable trust, very leanly resourced and not receiving any government funding, once you have accepted a course place and paid to secure it, we ask that you do attend. To sum up – we don't offer refunds if you change your mind after paying for a course. If you are lucky enough to get an offer, please read it through thoroughly, check the dates for any clashes with exams or other commitments, and that you are able to get to the three different course locations. Make sure you are happy before you pay. And finally, if we make you an offer, it's you we want! We have an exciting and useful experience in store for you which we think will help shape your future career!

Right, let's get started! CLICK HERE to START THE APPLICATION PROCESS - and good luck!