Physics at Queen's Belfast

Physics at Queen's Belfast

Queen's University

Try out Physics at a world-class University in our new state-of-art teaching centre.

Queen’s University Belfast is a modern campus university 20 minutes walk from the heart of Belfast and only an hour’s flight from all major airports in England, Scotland and Wales and usually cheaper than a train ticket. You will take part in lectures and practical activities working with academics, industry leaders and students. You will stay in our newly refurbished halls of residence Elms Village, and have the opportunity to find out why more and more students make the move to Belfast to study.

What’s it all about?

Physics studies how the universe works – from the smallest atomic nucleus to the largest galaxy. It includes conceptual challenges such as quantum theory, relativity and chaos theory. At its heart it is a study of fundamental forces of nature and how they interact with matter and light. Yet these simple concepts combine to build the complex world and Universe around us. Understanding how objects work is not only important for the sake of knowledge, it allows us to manipulate and use the laws of Nature to build our modern civilisation. Physics lies at the heart of everyday modern technology – for example the computer, the laser and satellite navigation.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy at Queen’s obtained an excellent grade in the UK Teaching Quality Assessment exercise. In the most recent assessment of research excellence in UK Universities, 88 per cent of the scientific research carried out by staff was internationally excellent or world-leading, and QUB Physics was 3rd in the UK for Research Intensity.

What will I be doing?:

You will be learning about 4 areas of frontier physics from scientists researching those subjects. Quantum physics - how atoms and molecules behave. Nanoscale media - manipulating and measuring the physics of materials at the molecular level. Optical physics – exploring the properties of light and matter. Astrophysics - discovering and understanding what’s out there in the Universe. You will be given talks introducing these areas and learn how to perform calculations. You will also perform physics experiments in our newly built teaching laboratories and computer facilities. Your lecturers and tutors will all be research scientists in Physics.

Would this course suit me?:

If you are curious about physics or its application, then this course will be of interest to you. You will need to be interested in understanding how objects in our Universe work at a fundamental level, and have demonstrated an interest and ability in physics and mathematics at school. Queen’s University Belfast is a highly regarded and established University that is centrally located within an attractive and cosmopolitan city but within a campus environment.

If you would like a challenging and intensive Headstart course looking at a range of physics disciplines, then this is for you.

What do I need to be suitable?:

To study Physics at Queen’s you need to be studying both Physics and Mathematics, and have a passion for understanding how our world works. You should be curious about the forces and matter that exist in our Universe, and how we can measure and manipulate them.

Course code: 
Course dates: 
Sunday, June 16, 2019 - 18:30 to Thursday, June 20, 2019 - 12:00
(4 nights residential)