Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Our school would like to take part in an Open Industry visit. How do we book a visit?
Please email or call the First Edition team on 01707 871 504.
2.   How many students can take part in an Open Industry visit?
Typically schools can bring 15 students but this does depend on the location. 

3.   How much does an Open Industry visit cost? 
This is dependant on what funding is available. They can be free or cost up to £5 per pupil.

4.  We would like to take part but our school cannot afford the fee, is help available?
If relevant, you may wish to explore with your school, the possibility of accessing the ‘Pupil Premium funding’ to assist with participation.
Funding is available from EDT at times; please ask if you feel your school would benefit from assistance.

5.  Are there any additional costs to pay EDT for travel, VAT or expenses etc?
7.  When and how do we pay?
Payment must be made once you receive confirmation of the visit and at least 4 weeks prior to the visit.
8.  Who will supervise the visit?
The supervision of pupils and safe working will be the responsibility of the teachers for the duration of the visit.
9.  How long do the visits last?
Half the day.

10.  Is school uniform required?
11.  What do pupils need on the day?
Writing materials
12.  What if we have students with access / learning / medical requirements?
Please inform a member of First Edition so we can ensure the event caters for their needs.
13.  What is the cancellation policy?
Cancellations must be made in writing.
If the cancellation is 28 days or more prior to the visit               - 100% refund 
If the cancellation is between 14 and 28 days prior to the visit -  50% refund
If the cancellation is made less than 14 days prior to the visit  -   No refund