Victoria Bromham wins Environmental Awareness Award with her material testing project

On Wednesday 6th September, at the Future Industry Leaders Awards 2017, Victoria Bromham who undertook her Year in Industry (YINI) placement with Procter & Gamble (P&G) won the Environmental Awareness Award for her project, which was to increase the value and efficiency of cleaning material testing.

Victoria was working as part of a Research and Development team within Procter & Gamble and for one of many projects was tasked with reviewing one of their standard cleaning test methods, a key measure of product performance used to identify the best-performing prototypes. Victoria led the introduction of an automated system to apply the product during the test and then tackled the image analysis system which enabled automated, objective analysis of results. She partnered with a US software developer to design a more user-friendly system and also produced an Excel reporter tool to extract and interpret the data generated.

 “Victoria has made significant contributions to multiple projects for a range of global brands. This means she has boosted the probability of developing product improvements with highly significant business impact. As a member of our team, she is a real pleasure to work with – bringing energy and precision to all her work”. Michael McDonnell, Senior Researcher, Procter & Gamble.

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Date published: 
September 8, 2017