Improve your School Engagement with Mentor Training sessions

When deciding on the crucial choice of career pathways young people require strong mentors and role models to provide the valuable support and guidance to help prepare them for the world of work. Mentors have the opportunity to share the knowledge they have gained throughout the years and support the development of the young person looking to pursue a professional career – making it a very rewarding experience for all parties.

Employees mentoring or supporting young people during their work experience or any form of school engagement offers a range of employer benefits such as being introduced to a pool of talent, as well as bringing in new perspective and diversity. By creating school engagement and work experience opportunities and giving young people a taste of industry you are also helping to address the skills gap. The interactive and thought provoking sessions will allow you to develop your skills, abilities and confidence to mentor young people.

Industrial Cadets offer valuable School Engagement and Mentor Training sessions aimed at supporting role models and mentors, by formally developing the skills required for those who are working with or planning to work with and mentor young people. In addition, the sessions examine ways in which the mentors can relate and engage with their younger audience, to ensure that the time spent with the students is to the benefit of all involved. On completion of the training, a mentor training certificate is presented to those who take part – the training is validated by EAL, the specialist awarding organisation for industry qualifications. The training is delivered by IC staff who have extensive experience of supporting employer school engagement in all forms.

What are the benefits?

  • Developing mentoring skills which are transferrable and will serve you well as you move onto other school engagement projects.
  • Enhancing your own mentoring, leadership and management skills.
  • Increasing your confidence in dealing with challenges and issues.
  • Learning from other mentors and enhancing network opportunities.
  • Extending  your professional development with formal recognition.

What you will learn on the day

The content of the training is designed to deliver information, advice and guidance to optimise the impact on mentoring whilst raising awareness and confidence of the supporting role models. IC facilitates school engagement Mentor Training for employers of all sizes. The training can be bespoke to the needs of an employer/organisation or more generic in nature. Mentor and/or role model training can include preparation for school/company visits, short term activity support, project mentoring (medium and long term) and work experience placements. The target audience can be dictated by the employer, so if desired, groups can be focussed e.g. targeted towards mentors who want to develop their expertise around working with graduates, work experience co-ordinators or mixed in nature. 

Employer Feedback

“An excellent session with the opportunity to meet other mentors” Greenpower

“I believe the session covered sufficient information and helped me prepare/feel prepared for future mentoring activities.” JLR

“Very informative and very well presented. Using the ‘Helipad’ exercise was a great example to use in future mentoring, not to mention very fun!” Galliford Try


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Date published: 
April 3, 2017