High Tide Equips Teesside young people for the future with Industrial Cadets


The High Tide Foundation has been bringing Industry and Education together across Teesside for five years for the benefit of young people. Its developing collaboration with the national workplace experience accreditation, Industrial Cadets, now offers students a nationally recognised award as they take part in High Tide Foundation programmes. The Industrial Cadet award recognises that the activities they undertake are expertly designed to ensure that their workplace skills development and their insight into careers in local industry are maximised within the available time on the programme.

The Industrial Cadet accreditation is now being applied to several of the High Tide Foundation’s Cadetship programmes. The programmes are typically accredited at Bronze level, the level appropriate for shorter programmes.

High Tide Chairman, David Robinson commented: "The High Tide Foundation Cadetship programmes have been widely acknowledged for their excellence and its fantastic that this has been recognised by the Industrial Cadet accreditation. We use our programmes to inspire and encourage those taking part to consider careers in local industry, and with their Industrial Cadet bronze level awards these young people can now demonstrate the workplace skills and exposure that they will have gained to employers across the country."

The latest cohort of young people to benefit from the Industrial Cadet Bronze Award through the High Tide Foundation are twelve, year 9 students from Unity City Academy, Sacred Heart Secondary Catholic Voluntary Academy, Kirkleatham Hall SEN School, and St Hilda’s CofE School. These young people have taken part in the High Tide Foundation’s Automotive Cadetship which is run with local automotive employers Nissan, Nifco, SABIC and AV Dawson.

The cadets graduated at a ceremony at Middlesborough College STEM Centre on the 29th June, at which they had to undertake a presentation explaining what they have learned through the programme. During the 20 hour programme, spread over five weeks, the young people took part in after school activities; learning about making and moving steel at AV Dawson, understanding how plastics and injection moulding works at SABIC and Nifco, and seeing first-hand a car assembly line at Nissan. As part of these sessions the students undertook exercises, quizzes and listened to presentations as well as seeing the company facilities at work.

Rachel Mackie, from Industrial Cadets says, “At Industrial Cadets we have the privilege of seeing a range of industry education linking programmes across the country and are delighted to have been asked to accredit the High Tide Foundation programmes which offer so much to the young people involved. Through having been part of this accredited programme these young people will have absorbed so much information and underlying skills knowledge that they will be able to develop a much clearer idea of their future career direction through being properly informed about what is available in terms of local career opportunities in Teesside.”

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Students Graduating from the High Tide Foundation Automotive Cadetship on 29th June with a Bronze Level Industrial Cadet award:

Unity City - Paul Phoenix, Flin Richardson, Dominic Smith and Dylan Oliver.
St Hilda’s - Joseph Hayes, Joshua Mason and Daniel Harker
Kirkleatham - Charlie Tata and Jamie- Lee McGovern.
Sacred Heart - Bradley Smith, Craig Duncan and Daniel Dawson

About High Tide Foundation:

We bring together industry and education across Teesside to provide an insight into how businesses operate whilst developing skills and showcasing employment opportunities.

Our aim is to improve learning and employment opportunities whilst raising aspirations for young people across the region through our unique work experience and industry-led skills programmes. Using the river tees as a connecting theme, we bring together industry and education to increase awareness of port-related industries and the many career options available to local young people.

https://www.hightidefoundation.co.uk/ Contacts: Lauren Bywater & Danni Young


About Industrial Cadets:

A national industry-led accreditation designed to enhance workplace experiences for your people.
Industrial Cadets works with UK employers to create a talent pipeline and a future skilled workforce, whilst helping young people to develop the skills they need to enter industry with confidence.

Providing a flexible framework for all sizes of employers to enable them to run accredited workplace experiences, Industrial Cadets ensures that young people aged 11-19 can develop the skills they need during these programmes, giving them a valuable workplace experience and a nationally recognised award at the end.


Date published: 
July 4, 2017