Happy World Teacher's Day!


Today we are celebrating World Teachers' Day (WTD) – a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) initiative that celebrates teachers around the world Since1994. WTD is held annually on 5th October to raise awareness of the importance of the role played by teachers, and to increase awareness and understanding of the vital contributions that teachers make to education and development at all levels. Many people around the world are celebrating the day to honour teachers or those who have made a special contribution to a particular community.  Teachers are the most valuable resource in education and WTD is an opportunity to show appreciation for their value in our society. Read on to find out how we are supporting teachers and role models who are inspiring the next generation.

Future Industry Awards

EDT works closely with teachers, mentors and role models who support and inspire young people all over the UK. Each year EDT hosts an annual event, The Future Industry Leaders Awards (FILA), an opportunity to recognise and celebrate young talent through the outstanding work they have achieved over the past academic year, during their placements or projects and supported by their industry mentors and teachers. All the finalists taking part in the national competition help demonstrate the value of these placement and project opportunities when developing skills within a future workforce. Each year we see hundreds of employers, teachers and role models invest in young people by providing invaluable support to their students, allowing them to demonstrate ability, innovation and determination throughout their work experience and projects, which is showcased through FILA.

Industrial Cadets School Engagement and Mentor Training

Industrial Cadets team have also been working hard to support mentors who are the role models to the future workforce.  When deciding on the crucial choice of career pathways, young people require strong mentors and role models to provide valuable support and guidance to help prepare them for the world of work. Mentors have the opportunity to share the knowledge they have gained throughout the years and support the development of the young person looking to pursue a professional career – making it a very rewarding experience for all parties. Industrial Cadets offer valuable School Engagement and Mentor Training sessions aimed at supporting role models and mentors, by formally developing the skills required for those who are working with or planning to work with and mentor young people.

Routes into STEM for teachers

We are delighted to announce that EDT has recently introduced Teachers Routes into STEM which has been developed with education stakeholders in mind, helping to increase knowledge and understanding of the current and future STEM landscape from higher education to careers. Educators, Career Advisors and Learning Directors have the opportunity to spend 3 days at a college, University and a company. This collaboration across education and industry allows them to immerse themselves in different worlds; gaining an understanding of current opportunities and delving into future opportunities provided through STEM education. 

“This course has been excellent. The knowledge gained will be invaluable in assisting my pupils to make the correct decisions for their futures”.

Click here to find out how you can take your subject beyond the classroom by taking part in EDT’s STEM related tasters, projects and placements. 

Date published: 
October 5, 2017