The Government launches new careers strategy

The government's long-awaited careers strategy includes plans for a high-quality careers programme for every school and college, including having a dedicated careers leader in place by the start of the new school year. The strategy is aimed at ensuring young people have the skills they need and employers want post-Brexit, with a particular focus on STEM industries.

The strategy is based around four key priorities;

  • Ensuring every school and college has a high-quality careers programme
  • Providing opportunities for work experience
  • Offering tailored support to students
  • And offering the appropriate sources of information about jobs and careers

It has pledged £4 million in funding to deliver a strategy which aims to offer tailored support to students,  work experience opportunities and access to appropriate sources of information about potential careers. The Government has also ring-fenced £5 million to set up 20 careers hubs across the country in areas judged to be most in need. These will link schools and colleges with local universities and employers. The strategy has been developed in partnership with the Gatsby Charitable Foundation and coordinated through an expanded role for the Careers and Enterprise Company (CEC).

Chief Executive Office of EDT, Julie Feest says “The government’s vision to invest in our young people and develop skills is a very positive one which contributes to the future success of the UK workforce. Transforming the careers system means that we are on our way to breaking down the barriers that many young people face in education, employment and training. It’s great to see that the careers strategy is very much in-line with EDT’s vision to open up student’s eyes to the wide range of opportunities available to them, especially within STEAM, and to encourage young people to acquire the skills and qualifications needed to have a rewarding career.”

The government’s recognition of the importance for career engagement and funding is an significant step, which opens up a pool of opportunities for young people in the UK. 

Date published: 
December 13, 2017