Future Industry Leaders Awards indicate a bright future ahead

On 6th September 2017, EDT hosted the Future Industry Leaders Awards 2017 (FILA17) at The Institution of Engineering and Technology in London.  The evening created an opportunity to recognise and celebrate young talent through the outstanding work they have achieved over the past academic year, during their placements or projects and supported by industry mentors.

All the finalists taking part in the national competition, helped demonstrate the value of these placement and project opportunities when developing skills within a future workforce. Having already competed with other young people within their regions across the UK, FILA17 showcased the work of 4 EES teams and 9 YINI finalists, who were joined by their industry mentors to compete for the National Award for 2017.

The event was sponsored by The IET, Jaguar Land Rover and Rolls-Royce, as well as being supported by companies from industry, including; EPSRC, PVI, Advanced Laser Technology Ltd (ALT), Chemring Energetics UK Ltd., Carbon Architecture, Procter + Gamble, Springboard Pro, Network Rail, Amey, BAE Systems, Rittal CSM, LLW Repository Ltd. These as well as other companies, are helping EDT to make a lasting impact in the lives of young people across the UK, by delivering over 40,000 experiences each year.

Winners on the night were:

EES Team Winners
Innovation Award Winner, sponsored by Forresters – Tavistock College supported by Rittal CSM
2017 National Award Winner, sponsored by Jaguar Land Rover – Kent College supported by BAE Systems

Year in Industry (YINI) Winners
Environmental Awareness Award  Winner, sponsored by Rolls-Royce – Victoria Bromham supported by Procter and Gamble
Best use of Technology Award Winner, sponsored by The IET – Andrew Robinson supported by PVI
2017 National Award Winner – Matthew Pugh supported by EPSRC

During the celebratory evening we had the opportunity to hear from Lord Jonathan Kestenbaum, Chief Operating Officer of RIT Capital Partners and the FILA17 Keynote Speaker, who provided inspiration to the young people with an important message of efficiency, innovation and self belief. We also heard from Andy Webster, an alumnus of the Year in Industry, who completed his placement at KP Foods over 17 years ago. Andy spoke about how his life had been impacted as a result of his YINI placement.

He said “when I look back at my Year in Industry and preparing for tonight, I recognised it really wasn’t the technical stuff - which is what we often think about for engineering, but it’s how you transition from being a school leaver to someone who is a business leader and how I could learn simple things - things we take for granted, but if you aren’t taught them early on, it could maybe hold you back. The Year in Industry really gave me those experiences early on, which meant that when I came out of University, competing against other engineering graduates, I already had that experience that I could use to secure my job with Shell.”

EDT would like to congratulate all our finalists and winners, as well as thank our supporters and industry mentors who make these opportunities possible.

YINI Award Winners: Andrew Robinson, Matthew Pugh and Victoria Bromham

EES National Award Winners: Kent College

EES Innovation Award Winners: Tavistock College

Andy Webster, YINI Alumni


FILA guests at The IET, London

EES and YINI Finalists and winners

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Date published: 
September 7, 2017