Children from AFNorth International School take part in an engaging set of events organised by the RAF

On Tuesday 26th September, The Royal Air Force Youth and Diversity Team in partnership with EDT (Engineering Development Trust) visited and led a series of team building and STEM tasks (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). The team introduced a range of their own initiatives aimed at encouraging young people to consider careers in STEM. 

During the day the children (aged 10-11 year old) participated in three themed hands-on STEM based activities known as Disaster Recovery, Helipad Evacuation and Aerial Delivery. Split into teams, they worked together to actively overcome the challenges. The scenarios set the children in realistic situations that involved discussion, planning and delivery of ideas that fostered a thinking of STEM and perseverance.

Scenario One: Disaster Recovery – A ‘natural disaster’ has occurred and the RAF have been called to the rescue. The children are part of the RAF rescue team and are tasked to build a bridge and a vehicle to get the supplies safely over the river to the stranded survivors. 


“I learnt that working as part of a team was very important; helping others understand the task and communicating our plan. I liked the way we had a limit to the resources and then had to think about how to keep the rescue safe.” Lannah

“It was an exciting activity. I definitely persevered and made an effort when responding to the challenge because I like to win. I tried very hard for our group to succeed by asking for opinions and making sure everyone was working together.” Alex 

Scenario Two: Helipad Evacuation – Preparation for evacuation. The children were tasked with designing and building the highest and strongest helipad for RAF aircraft to land safely and successfully. 


The mission: To discuss and consider cost control, design prototyping and trialing different ideas. 

”I learnt that the structure had to be strong and capable of holding weight. I had a great day; it got even better when my team won two of the challenges!”  Stephanie

Scenario Three: Aerial Delivery – The RAF are unable to land their aircraft and therefore have to drop resources out of the back of their aircraft


The Mission: To learn about the science and engineering behind slowing things down safely. Children are challenged to build their own device to protect a very delicate cargo. 

“It was a cool day full of challenge! We worked hard as a team, even though we didn’t win we did our best.” Jonathon

 “I learnt that things are not always as they seem, I listened to other people’s ideas and helped them the best I could.” Aimee 

The day was enjoyed by all students and staff. The time was spent engaged in thinking and applying skills in real life scenarios. Teams demonstrated determination, creativity and excellent team working skills. A great learning experience was enjoyed by all.

"a wonderful day enjoyed by all. Thank you to our STEM visitors for creating such as valuable and memorable learning experience. We hope they will visit us again soon." Miss Macleod, Head Teacher British Candian Section, AFNORTH School, The Netherlands.  

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Date published: 
October 23, 2017