Andrew Robinson wins Best use of Technology Award with his printed electronics project

On Wednesday 6th September, at the Future Industry Leaders Awards 2017, Andrew Robinson who undertook his Year in Industry (YINI) placement with Precision Varionic International Ltd (PVI) won the Best use of Technology Award for his project, which was to develop a new method for printed electronics.

PVI designs and manufactures automotive position sensors for some of the world’s most iconic cars. Andrew’s project was the further development of the novel Electro-Static Jet (ESJET) method for printed electronics, which is superior to current inkjet or screen printers. Andrew designed, manufactured and evaluated the first pilot line and print head nozzle system leading to printed nano-materials down to a 10µm resolution. The initiative to redesign the original ESJET printing rig both increased safety of use and provided more consistent prints. As ESJET printing technology is entirely novel in concept, Andrew’s work has given PVI a head-start in the commercialisation of the technology. As well as enabling much more consistent printing and a reduced line width, the new glass capillary print head system that he developed has reduced the purchasing cost by 99%.

“Andrew’s fearless contribution to this project is way beyond my wildest expectations for a pre-university intern. Because of his application, we are now on track to complete the project on time and are being entered for the prestigious EuroNanoForum 2018 competition as one of the 10 most impactful and influential scientific projects being funded by the EU. Andrew not only applied himself to the work extremely successfully, but also gave presentations for both Innovate UK and EU projects, as well as writing the minutes of these 3-monthly meetings. Andrew has shown his exceptional ability to work in a team of his peers both internally within PVI and externally as a representative of PVI.” Dr Pufinji Maclean Obene, PVI

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Date published: 
September 8, 2017