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We are pleased to announce the launch of Inspire 2019! 

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Please be aware that if you are applying for a non-residential course, you must make sure that you can actually get there each day!  If you don't know exactly where the universities are or whether you can make arrangements to get there, please check with your parents who should help you to consider this before you apply.opening soon.  

Because non-residential courses are intended for students who live close to that university, we suggest that you should live no further than a 1 hour journey away.  If you decide to attend a non-residential course which is away from where you live, (for example you might apply for a course near your grandparents), please add a note to your personal statement explaining why you are choosing a course away from where you live and explain why you are applying for it.  We reserve the right to check with you what accommodation/travel arrangements are in place for you prior to accepting you onto a non-residential course, to make sure that you are kept safe.

Top tips for a great application:

  • Have your teacher details handy before you start your application.   We need the name of your teacher, their email address and phone number, and you cannot complete your application without that information.
  • Select at least 3 courses that excite you and tell us why in your personal statement, although you are more than welcome to select more.  
  • Make sure you can attend the courses you select.  Please check with your school that they'll release you for a course if you select ones in term time.  Remember to check dates for clashes with DoE or CCF trips, work experience and with your parents who might want you to go on holiday with them!
  • Write a short personal statement.   Something concise, about 200 words maximum.  We know parents love to help, but we'd much rather have something in your own words. Have a look here for some examples if you're stuck.
  • Add our email address to your email contacts or senders' list.  This is very important as when we send offers and important emails, these could be placed in your trash or removed by your spam filters if we're not in your address book.  Stay up to date: join our Headstart EDT Facebook

How we select students:

  • We do take your preferences into account but we have to make sure the courses are well balanced by considering various criteria.
  • If we cannot find a place for you on one of your preferred courses, we may offer you a course we feel would be equally suitable.   Please include information in your statement to help us, as this increases your chances of getting a place somewhere, rather than no offer at all. 

What is the deadline for Inspire applications? 

The deadline for Inspire applications is 1 February 2019.

How will I know if I have a place on a course?

We'll email offers in April/May 2019.  Please check this website frequently for updated information.  If you change your email address between the time of applying and May 2019, you must tell us straight away so we can update our records.

How much does it cost?

  • £235 for a residential course or £140 for a non-residential course.

Need help because of financial hardship?

We may be able to offer you assistance, please check here for more details.