Headstart, Inspire and Routes into STEM Bursary & Payment Information

Headstart, Inspire and Routes into STEM Bursary & Payment Information

We have a very limited amount of bursary places, but we may be able to offer you assistance if financial hardship would prevent you accepting the offer of a place.  

However, as a charitable trust we do have very limited funds and as some schools are able to offer financial help for educational courses such as ours, we’d like you to please ask them first if they’d be willing to support you.  

As a guideline, in previous years we have given bursaries to families with household incomes of less than £20,000, which we considered on a case-by-case basis.

If you do need to apply for a bursary place you must tell us when you apply online and then email or post us the supporting documents within 5 days of us receiving your application, we ask for a completed EDT bursary form and your evidence of income, for example all pages of the Tax Credit Award Notice and P60 or 3 months wage slips.  To download the EDT form you need, and understand how we’ll assess you click here.  We’re sorry, but if we do not receive the information within 5 days of your online application, we won’t be able to consider you for a bursary place.



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The cost to attend a Headstart course is the numeric part of the course code - eg LEE/375 explains the fee to attend Headstart at Leeds is £375 and CAM/425 explains the fee to attend Headstart at Cambridge is £425.  Included in this cost is your tuition, accommodation and meals. But not your travel to and from the University, which you must arrange and pay for yourself.


Are you interested in Aeronautical Engineering and enjoying your studies in maths and physics.  A bursary fund has been set up in honour of the late Jon Dennison who had a distinguished career in aerospace and engineering, spanning government and industry.  We have some bursary fully funded places for students who are able to tell us that finances would otherwise prevent them from attending.
Courses available to apply for are:
Aerospace Engineering at Coventry
Aerospace Engineering at Liverpool
Queen's University
University of Salford

University of Sheffield
University of Strathclyde

Jon Dennison
Throughout his distinguised career in aerospace and engineering the late Jon Dennison was committed to enabling young people to realise their potential.  Through his work chairing the Engagement Group of the Aerospace Growth Partnership he made a significant impact in promoting careers in aerospace to young people of all education entry levels.  It is  therefore approriate that a bursary fund is being established in his honour that will enable  young people from disadvantaged backgrounds - for example from schools or neighbourhoods with low university participation rates - to progress their interest in a career in engineering, particularly in aerospace.

You can find out more about Jon Dennison here



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The cost to attend an Inspire course is dependent on whether you attend a residential or non-residential course.

The cost is £230 which includes tuition, accommodation and food but not your travel to and from the University, which you must arrange and pay for yourself.

The cost is £135 which covers tuition and food, but not your travel to and from the University each day.  You must arrange and pay for this yourself.



The cost to attend a Routes into STEM course is £135 which covers tuition and food, but not your travel to and from the different locations each day.  You must arrange and pay for this yourself.


To pay online please click here

If your school has agreed to fund all or part of your course, you can tell us this when you apply online.  If you're lucky enough to receive an offer from us, you will then need to provide us with written confirmation from your school that we can invoice them for payment.


Cancellation Policy

You are not asked to pay any fee until you have been sent an offer of a place on one of our courses.  But once you have accepted a course place and paid the fee, this is non refundable.

Because we are a charitable trust, very leanly resourced and not receiving any government funding, once you accept and pay for a course place, we ask that you do attend, and do not cancel off the course and ask for your money back.

Despite being over-subscribed, once offers have been made and the courses are full, we tell unsuccessful students who then go on to make alternative arrangements. In addition, we have strict criteria laid down by Universities so we cannot make an offer to a replacement student. This means it is normally not possible for us to backfill a course, so the place goes unfilled.

To clarify – we don’t offer refunds if you change your mind after paying for a course. If you are lucky enough to get an offer, please read it through thoroughly, check the dates for any clashes with exams, and look at the title, location and description of the course.  Make sure you are happy before you pay.  And finally, if we make you an offer, it’s you we want!

We reserve the right to cancel or change any aspect of a course without notice.  Cancellation may result in a suitable alternative being offered, or a full refund.