Go4SET is making an impact in the lives of...

Young people:

52% of students participating are female
2,800 young people across the UK experienced STEM with Go4SET from 2013-14



98% of Company Mentors felt Go4SET was relevant and beneficial to students
88% of Company Mentors felt it was relevant to their own professional development
90% of Company Mentors felt Go4SET had been directly relevant to their company policy and practice

“Go4SET provides the opportunity to investigate real industrial issues & to develop innovative solutions. These skills are important to BP as a company, & to the energy sector as a whole” - Ian Duffy, BP, Go4SET Lead Sponsor

“The Go4SET scheme has been a great way for our company to interact with local school students and increase their understanding of real world applications of science and engineering. Thank you for the opportunity.” - Company Mentor



99% of teachers felt Go4SET was relevant and beneficial to students
76% of teachers felt it was relevant to their own professional development
97% of teachers felt the scheme fulfilled their expectations ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ well

“Pupils gain a flavour of what it is like to work as part of a team, to solve a problem alongside practising engineers and gain an insight into the world of STEM” - Simon Gladwin, Teacher from Thomas Estley

“Go4SET increases student's confidence in problem-solving within real life contexts, whilst improving team-working and communication skills. Opportunities to work closely with industrial mentors and attend industrial visits give students positive and fun STEM experiences. Students develop a more coherent understanding of the links between STEM subjects and how they impact upon other areas of the curriculum. We have also experience an enrichment of the teaching and awareness of STEM learning across the curriculum through these enrichment activities resulting in a more cohesive way of working between the subject teachers."Javed Shujaat, STEM Coordinator at Trinity Catholic High School

“It’s an excellent opportunity for students interested in STEM subjects, to work alongside engineers.” - Teacher