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Forensic Science at Kent

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Forensic scientists are specialists but their skills have to bridge several disciplines. The multidisciplinary nature of the subject is founded on broad but integrated scientific skills applied within a legal context. At Kent the core scientific content is taught by staff from the School of Physical Sciences, and the legal background is taught by staff from Kent Law School. Current trends within society have stimulated an increasing demand for authentication of materials beyond the sphere of traditional forensic science. This stimulates demand for experts and analytical companies to carry out work in these and other associated areas, hence forensic science now provides many more opportunities for graduate employment than in its traditional perceived role in the service of the law.

What’s it all about?
This course is designed to give you hands-on experience in some of the many different areas of forensic science such as crime scene analysis, ballistics and drug analysis. The course aims to cover introductory sessions to several areas of forensic analysis along with a realistic experience of what it is like when the analysis done by scientists is presented in court. Based on the individual specialities of our lecturers this will be a great opportunity to investigate the many applications that the skills developed in a forensic science course can have.

What will I be doing?
A truly immersive experience, the course will introduce what studying forensic science is like within the School of Physical Sciences at the University of Kent. You will experience lectures from current research active members of staff on their research and the degree programmes along with an overview of the possible career options for you, including information on our year in industry programme. You will also experience small group work in a laboratory environment including analysing evidence in our scene of crime house, analytical chemistry and ballistics. You will also experience forensic science in the eyes of the law, by enacting a real courtroom presentation of evidence.

Would this course suit me?
This course is suitable for anyone with a passion for Forensic Science and studying Physics, Chemistry or Biology at A-level. If you are interested in organic/inorganic chemistry, crime scene analysis, ballistics or fires and explosions then this course is for you.  


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Course dates: 
Sunday, July 7, 2019 - 14:00 to Wednesday, July 10, 2019 - 12:00
(3 nights residential)