Open Industry

Open Industry provides key stage 3-5 students (ages 11-18) with short visits to organisations focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects. Within this Open Industry programme, we arrange for students to visit environments where they can experience ways in which STEM based subjects are applied in the real world and are encouraged to engage with role models to help them to make informed career choices. We work with enterprises and teachers to ensure that each visit is relevant to the National Curriculum and meets the school’s learning needs and the objectives of the enterprise.

For Schools and Colleges

The Open Industry programme provides schools and colleges with:

  • Fully organised, short visits to a company or enterprise focused on STEM
  • Subject matter which is relevant to groups of students and teachers
  • Tailored visits to meet teacher’s learning needs
  • An experience which supports the delivery of the National Curriculum
  • Opportunities for larger groups of students to visit iconic locations

The Open Industry programme makes it possible for students and teachers:

  • To make explicit links between science concepts and real world application and enrich the learning process
  • To engage with role models who can provide inspirational insight into using science and engineering qualifications within their career.

For Enterprises

The Open Industry programme enables enterprises to:

  • Promote your organisation’s products/services
  • Promote awareness of your organisation and strengthen links with the local community
  • Develop your staff and enhance their Continuous Professional Development through involvement with EDT programmes
  • Engage with your employees and identify future employees

The Open Industry programme makes it possible for enterprises to:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Encourage students into the careers your organisation needs
  • Enrich and enhance the delivery of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths subjects with local schools
  • Gain new ideas and a fresh perspective and outlook from the students