Frequently Asked Questions - Teachers

    1.    Our school would like to host a First Edition Day or STEM Family Challenge event. How do we book an event?
    Contact the First Edition team to book your event ( or book an event using our online booking system. 

    Alternatively call the First Edition team on 01707 909 410.
     2.   What information is required to make a booking?

  • The year group/s the First Edition day or STEM Family Challenge event is for. 
  • The number of pupils the day is for.
  • Your school start/end times as well as break-times.
  • Your preferred date for the event.

    3.   How much does an event cost? 
    A First Edition ​Experience Day ​caters for up to 120 students. Our cost includes one of our Education Officers delivering the workshop and all the materials / resources required for the day and costs start from £5 per head. If you would like more than 120 students please contact us to discuss delivery options. 

    STEM Family Challenge events cater for up to 120 participants. Our cost includes one of our Education Officers delivering the workshop and all the materials / resources required for the day and costs £450.


    4.  Do you cater for groups larger than 120?
    Yes.  First Edition days can engage half a year group in the morning, and the other half in the afternoon (up to a maximum of 120 in each session).  Alternatively, if you have a separate space, we can provide an additional Deliverer to work with another 120 pupils simultaneously for a full day’s workshop. Please contact the team to discuss options further.

    5.  We would like to take part but our school cannot afford the fee, is help available?
    If relevant, you may wish to explore with your school, the possibility of accessing the ‘Pupil Premium funding’ to assist with participation.
    An increasing number of schools we work in partnership with are using Pupil Premium to give their pupils access to  our inspirational STEM experiences. Funding is available from EDT at times; please ask if you feel your school would benefit from assistance.


    6.  Are there any additional costs to pay EDT for travel, VAT or expenses etc?
    No. The cost quoted will be the full cost for the event.
    7.  When and how do we pay?
    Payment must be made once you receive confirmation of the event and at least 4 weeks prior to the event.
    8.  Who will supervise the event?
    The supervision of pupils and safe working will be the responsibility of the teachers for the duration of the event. We ask for a student/teacher ratio of 20:1. 
    9.  What time does the First Edition Day or STEM Family Challenge start/end?
    First Edition days and STEM Family Challenge events are very flexible and are tailored to fit around your school day/ requirements, please let us know what times you would like.

    10.  Is school uniform required?
    11.  What do pupils need on the day?
    Writing materials
    12.  What if we have students with access / learning / medical requirements?
    Please inform a member of the First Edition team so we can ensure the event caters for their needs.
    13.  Are there any accreditations for taking part?

    For Students:

    The Discovery CREST Award (from the British Science Association BSA) is available in conjunction with First Edition days subject to certain criteria. Please can you notify us prior to the First Edition day how many of your pupils would be interested in the CREST Award.

    ​The Leader Award, is a free Award scheme open to every student between the ages of 5 - 19 years. Students are provided with the opportunity to find out more about the careers that they may be interested in around STEM subjects. To find out more and to apply, please visit

    14.  What is the cancellation policy?
    Cancellations must be made in writing.
    If the cancellation is 28 days or more prior to the event               - 100% refund 
    If the cancellation is between 14 and 28 days prior to the event -  50% refund
    If the cancellation is made less than 14 days prior to the event  -   No refund

    15.  What are the requirements for the day?

    • A large space (ideally a hall or gym).
    • Tables and chairs set up for all the students (approximately 1 table for every 5 students) with a couple of tables and chairs at the front for EDT staff to use for our materials.
    • A whiteboard and AV projector for the presentation slides. If it is possible, please could you provide a PA system (e.g. microphone) so we can make ourselves heard to all the students.
    • Please could you provide a parking space close to the location where the activity will take place, to help us unload our materials. Our team will arrive approximately 1 hour prior to the start time to set up.
    • If it is possible, please can you provide refreshments and lunch for the EDT staff and volunteers who will be supporting the day.

       16.  What if we are unable to provide all of the above requirements?
Please contact the First Edition team to discuss alternatives.