About First Edition

What is First Edition?


EDT’s First Edition programme provides quality Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STE(A)M) curriculum enrichment taster experiences for young people aged 9 to 16. These hands-on activity days are designed to excite and enlighten young people on how STE(A)M is fun, interesting, and results in a rewarding career.

During a First Edition day students will work on 'hands on' activities where they design, build and test a model – and investigate the real world applications of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths behind the challenge. For example students may look at renewable energies, and construct a wind turbine to be the most effective model it can. In addition, information on careers and study routes is incorporated throughout the day.

The bespoke events are designed to encourage creativity and innovation through practical team based activities allied to extensive problem solving and team work.

Our activities cover a range of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths challenges designed to inspire students of all ages and tailored to all capabilities.

First Edition also provides opportunities for students to visit industry environments where they can experience ways in which STE(A)M based subjects are applied in the real world and are encouraged to engage with role models to help them to make informed career choices in association with EDT’s Open Industry programme

Why First Edition?

First Edition has been designed to widen participation by encouraging students from diverse groups to consider courses and careers in science, technology, engineering, Arts and mathematics (STE(A)M). First Edition helps develop personal skills whilst raising careers awareness.

First Edition:

  • Enhances the curriculum, providing an interactive learning experience through stimulating hands-on activities

  • Provides students with information about STE(A)M careers and study routes available

  • Engages and inspires students to shape their own future choices

  • Assists the Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS) of the students, by encouraging teamwork, creativity, problem solving, time management, and innovation

 “Today I have learnt a lot of information about Engineering, and I might have to think about becoming one.” – Student quote

“The First Edition STEM day was fab. Pupil’s feedback was very good, and we saw lots of students shining and rising to the challenge. They were very grateful for the opportunity.” – Teacher quote

Who are the First Edition events for?

Events are aimed at Years 5 to 11 (9 to 16 years old). Events can cater for up to 120 students hosted in a large space – ideally a school hall or gym.

When do First Edition events take place?

Events take place throughout the Academic year and timings are flexible to suit the host’s requirements.

Where do First Edition events take place?

They take place at schools, companies, universities and colleges.

How to get involved?

Contact the First Edition team to book your event (firstedition@etrust.org.uk) or book an event using our online booking system.