Are you looking for a career that requires imagination, innovation, and offers a positive challenge?
Have you thought about a career in science, engineering or technology?
Perhaps not, but taking part in the EES will open your eyes to the huge number of exciting and diverse opportunities the industry has to offer.
What is the Engineering Education Scheme (EES) in England & Scotland?
EES provides you with an in-depth experience in science, engineering and technology which will enable you to make an informed decision about your future studies and career. You will work in a team of 4-6 students on a real engineering/scientific project. The project is set by your sponsoring company and the outcome is important to them. The company will supply an engineer mentor to support your team and you will apply project management techniques to help make the project a success.

The project lasts around 6 months and includes the following special events:

  • Scheme launch
  • ​Company visit to see the project in context 
  • University Residential Workshop (RWS). Held over 3 days at a regional university or similar venue to utilise the facilities and progress the project 
  • ​Celebration and Assessment Day (CAD)Where your work will be assesed by senior engineering staff.

During the project phase you will gain experience of problem solving, team working, presentation skills, report writing and project management. These are real projects, and on completion, many of the outcomes are implemented by the companies/organisations involved. You will get in-depth, hands on experience of engineering, design and research at a professional level which will help you make an informed decision about your future studies and career having seen what working in that field is really like - and it's a lot of fun!

Student Profile
Ideally you should be studying AS level Mathematics or Higher Mathematics, preferably with a science and/or technology subject or alternatively an appropriate vocational course.  You should also have a genuine interest in science, engineering or technology, or a serious desire to discover more about it, and be able to work effectively as part of a team.
Complementary subjects such as Business Studies, Economics, IT and a foreign language are also valuable.

What do I have to contribute?

The project will require about 100 hours from you in total, which works out about 2-3 hours a week, in addition to the time spent at the university Residential Workshop (RW).
What will I get from taking part?

  • Hands-on work experience as part of a team and the opportunity to work on a problem that is relevant to a local business

  • Use of university's facilities to develop, build and test solutions to the problem

  • The opportunity to develop technical skills and see school physics, chemistry, technology etc. applied in a real working environment

  • Experience university life and gain a greater awareness of possible career opportunities

  • The opportunity to meet professional and graduate engineers, scientists and technologists and find out what their careers are really like

  • Exposure to a variety of engineering projects, highlighting the multi-disciplinary nature of engineering

  •  A highly significant contribution to include in university applications and any future job applications 

  •  Experience of teamwork, interviews, presentations, project management and writing technical reports

  • Contribution to the Duke of Edinburgh Award skills section

  • EES national certificate

  • Opportunity to apply for BA Crest Award at Gold Standard (80% of EES students are successful)

If you are interested and have a drive to succeed, talk to your teacher and complete an online registration form. 

Information for Parents
The aim of the scheme is to enlighten students so that they can make an informed decision about their future studies and career and the opportunities available in science, engineering and technology.
In many cases the EES experience has resulted in young people deciding to pursue engineering as a university course and career after having experienced this type of work first hand and finding it enjoyable and rewarding.
The school/college will be asked to nominate an EES teacher whose main role is liaison and facilitation on behalf of their team.  This teacher's attendance with the students at all EES events will be required. 
What do the students think?
Our annual survey of participating students shows that the vast majority value the EES experience very highly, in particular the opportunity for teamwork, engineering insight and the university Residential Workshop. Over 90% of students say the Scheme meets their expectations and would encourage their friends to take part.

"Following my EES project, I worked for the same company during my school holidays and when the time came to go to University, they offered me sponsorship.  I started my first job as Production Engineer a week before graduation with my EES/sponsor company."
Elena Sharp
Production Engineer, former EES student 

The scheme handbook is also availible online in our knowledgebase