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 What will be my role as a teacher?

The Teacher:

  • · Works closely with the engineer as a facilitator and supporter.
  • ·Generates interest in the Scheme by Year 11/S5 students and potential Year 12/S6 students.
  • · Processes Student Registration Forms & arranges student interviews.  Click here for an online registration form.
  • · Progresses the students' work when in school/college, including problem solving, programme, team's written report and Student Logbook.
  • · Attends all Scheme events, arranging transport when required.
  • · Ensures that students balance their school/college work and the Scheme project.
  • · Ensures that copies of the Project Report and the Project Summary are compiled and dispatched as directed.
  • ·Assists the team make[mr1]  further presentation(s) to other students and senior managers and to engineers at the link company.
  • · Ensures the appropriate risk assessments are in place for all EES activities.

More detailed guidance about the role of the Teacher is available from the Scheme's Regional Director.