Companies and Organisations

The UK needs more engineers and scientists. Let's address this challenge together.

Through the Engineering Education Scheme (EES) we can inspire and motivate young people to choose courses and careers in STE(A)M (science, technology, engineering, Arts and maths).

We link companies with local schools and universities to provide students with a better understanding of the real world of work and assist teachers in the practical application of their subject.

The scheme provides you with a team (or teams) of 4-6 talented and highly motivated students for 6 months. The team is tasked to solve a real and live problem set by your company.

What's in it for you?

Create local education links

  • Raise your profile in the community 
  • Support local education as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Strengthen education/industry links and enhance teachers knowledge of STEM

Develop your people 

  • Get access to talented young people
  • Early contact and involvement with potential future graduate and technician workforce
  • Improve skills and develop your team

Solutions with business benefits

  • Potential financial savings from successful projects
  • 70% of our teams reported actual or potential financial benefit to the link company
  • Return on investment

 Click here to contact our regional teams to find out more.

 The scheme handbook is also availible online in our knowledgebase