Below is a summary of the number of companies / schools / students we have worked with in the South West during the period of 2016/2017: 

      For 16-17 year olds

      For 1
7-21 year olds

         For 12-14 year olds

         For 9-16 year olds

         for 14-15 year olds


The EDT has had a full year of activity once again across the South West of England. During the last academic year the South West team has helped over 700 students take their firsts step towards a possible career in a STEM industry.

Some of the highlights for the year were a flagship Devon combined Go4SET CAD and First Edition day held at the University of Plymouth involving over 120 students and 7 local employers. Our Engineering Education Scheme joined forces with Bath University for the first time to run the residential work shop and host the Celebration and Assessment Day. The is day was combined with the Year in Industry Contribution to the Business awards making it an excellent event.


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We are always looking for companies and company mentors willing to help the next generation of youg scientists and engineers develop their skills and enter the sector. If you would like to find out more information about how you can help please call the Plymouth office on 01752 762110