Below is a summary of the number of companies / schools / students we have worked with in Scotland during the period of 2016/2017: 

     For 16-17 year olds

     For 17-21 year olds

     For 12-14 year olds
First Edition
     For 9-16 year olds
     for 9-12 year olds

EDT Scotland develops partnerships between students, education and industry. During the last academic year we are delighted to have supported 3,504 young people by encouraging them to pursue careers in STEM industries and giving them the opportunity to develop invaluable workplace skills. EDT Scotland are particularly proud of developing a new programme, FunSTEM, aimed at P6/7 pupils (ages 9-12). FunSTEMSTEM fosters literacy and confidence in basic STEM concepts, encouraging children to develop an interest in STEM from a young age. We hope to expand FunTEM during 2017-18 and will also be introducing the EES Skills Camp with BAE Systems: a five-day programme for S5 pupils (ages 15-17) designed to replicate life in the workplace as an apprentice or graduate engineer.


EDT Scotland’s 2017-18 events schedule will begin in October


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We are always looking for companies and industry mentors with a passion for encouraging young people to develop an interest in STEM careers/further study. If you would like to find out how you can get involved, please call us on 0141 548 4152 or email our Schools Programme Manager Ciara Duffy at c.duffy@etrust.org.uk